50 Exemplification Essay Topics With Paper Samples

Exemplification essay topics: perfect ideas to start writing

You’re a pro at writing reflective and persuasive essays, and your narrative papers are to die for, but now you face a new challenge - an exemplification essay. Before anxiety overcomes you, remember that we are here to help. First of all, do not forget about an opportunity to hire a professional essay writing helper and watch your assignments being done. Alternatively, you can challenge yourself and succeed with your project independently following fundamental rules and guidelines. Let’s go over the basics of writing this paper and explore the most promising exemplification essay topics. You can click through any of the topics to check out the corresponding papers in our database for inspiration and guidance.

What is an exemplification essay?

An exemplification essay is close to an argumentative paper. You need to choose a side of the conflict and provide sound arguments to support your opinion. And while argumentative papers can lack evidence, it is an integral part of an exemplification essay. It’s not enough to state the reasons behind your position; you need to illustrate each point with data, quotes, statistics, examples. The more supporting evidence you provide, the better your chances of getting a high grade will be.

Since an exemplification essay calls for copious evidence, brush up on your citation styles. Ask your teacher which style is preferable and stick to it throughout the paper. You may also ask for essay writing help to ensure that your paper meets all the requirements and academic standards. Remember that any uncited information you integrate into your writing can be construed as plagiarism. Pay close attention to each piece of information you glean from the sources and reference it correctly.

What is the purpose of exemplification essays?

An exemplification essay showcases the author's ability to make a complex point more understandable by providing concrete, relevant examples. As part of your exemplification essay writing guide, you'll find that choosing from a range of narrative essay topics is key. It allows you to paint a vivid, relatable picture to underscore your argument. Remember, the process of how to choose an essay topic should align with your ability to offer clear and detailed illustrations. And you may opt to pay for a college paper to boost your writing skills.

Our trusty exemplification essay topics list

Since exemplification essays are like argumentative ones, the topics are also close. The key is to choose a problem that has at least two sides and pick one to support. One-sided and personal issues are not suited for exemplification essays. We’ve scoured our database to locate the best exemplification essay topics and examples for your use. Here is our exemplification essay topics list on five subjects:

Social exemplification essay topics

  1. The dangers men face from female sex offenders.
  2. Modern methods of fighting substance addiction are ineffective.
  3. How does environment affect human behavior patterns?
  4. The causes of underrepresentation of immigrants in the USA.
  5. Why motherless women often leave their daughters.
  6. The most efficient ways to solve the world hunger crisis.
  7. How can stress have a positive impact on everyday life?
  8. Why are marriage and cohabitation not the same?
  9. The most widespread reasons for criminal activity.
  10. The millennial generation is more prone to violence than previous generations.

Exemplification essay topics on technology

  1. The negative impact of digital technology on a personal level.
  2. The benefits of computer technology application in medicine and healthcare.
  3. How can technology change the fashion industry for the better?
  4. The economic advantages of agricultural drones usage.
  5. What price does our society pay for the benefits of the Internet?
  6. Degenerative impact of technology on teenagers.
  7. Car hacking as one of the most widespread crimes of the digital age.
  8. The potential consequences of the document digitization.
  9. The shortcomings of the open source operating systems, like Android.
  10. Which security risks does the Internet of things promote?

Legal exemplification essay topics

  1. The limits of the freedom of speech in modern society.
  2. How does the Affordable Care Act improve healthcare services?
  3. How does the housing discretionary policy hinder the energy efficiency?
  4. The deficiencies of the current crime-fighting procedures.
  5. Are gun control laws necessary to protect the society?
  6. What are the primary causes of prison overcrowding?
  7. How are deviance and crime connected?
  8. Why should medicinal marijuana be legalized in Canada?
  9. Free Internet access promotes cyber crime.
  10. Why is capital punishment preferable to a life sentence?

Medical exemplification essay topics

  1. Women should not be allowed to use abortion outside medical emergencies.
  2. How can school and parents prevent teenage pregnancies?
  3. Should end of life medical supervision include a possibility of euthanasia?
  4. The efficient substance abuse prevention techniques.
  5. All medical professionals should employ cultural sensitivity at work.
  6. Why are some health promotion programs successful while others are not?
  7. Therapists should be punished for violating patients' personal boundaries.
  8. Hospitals will benefit from employing computer-based medical records.
  9. What are the best learning methods for medical students?
  10. The dangers of childhood obesity American children will face as adults.

Exemplification essay topics on business

  1. How do companies increase profit using customer relationship management?
  2. Toddler pageants should be forbidden in the USA.
  3. The best techniques for negotiation and conflict management.
  4. Entrepreneurship should be a compulsory discipline for every college student.
  5. The objective criteria for measuring success.
  6. How does ineffective human resources management affect a company’s success?
  7. The business benefits of using social media.
  8. Is a business degree worth the time and money spent on it?
  9. How does climate change impact different industries?
  10. Networking is an essential ingredient of success for every business.

Now you have an exemplification essay topics list to suit your academic needs, whether you study Business, Medicine or Social Sciences. If you are tired of tedious writing, order paper online and make the most of your student life while our experts will be doing a paper for you. Take your pick and skim through essay samples, they will help you write your paper in time for the submission date. And in case you are already out of time, contact our writers, they can complete any assignment in just a few hours. Don’t think your essay is a lost cause just because it is due tomorrow!