Find 101 Narrative Essay Topics

Find 101 Narrative Essay Topics

When you need to write a narrative essay, it seems like you got your winning ticket. It is probably one of the simplest tasks that your teacher or professor can assign you. There are no strict requirements, the only thing that you need to fulfill is to create an interesting story which will capture the reader's attention from the first sentences. However, before you start writing, you need to select a good topic, and that is the rock on which the most of students split. Some learners opt to hire a knowledgeable writing helper online to pick the most interesting topic and not rack their brains. Getting help from a quick essay writer will help you not only come up with an appealing topic, but will also give you a unique chance to deliver a coherent, consistent and influential paper. 

You may have dozens of good ideas in your head, but you can hardly shape any of them into a worthy topic. If you are experiencing such a situation, you may need some good examples of narrative essay topics. That’s why we have prepared seven different lists of topics from simple to more complex ones. Find topics for a narrative essay below and use them for your paper writing.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

  1. My first summer job experience
  2. The most crucial moment in my life
  3. My superhero in a real life
  4. How I manage conflict situations with other people
  5. The most exciting trip in my life
  6. An event that has changed my life principles
  7. A person who influenced my music taste
  8. The most embarrassing experience in my life
  9. The most challenging episode of my life
  10. A person who inspires me to struggle for more
  11. The day when I have coped with my biggest fear
  12. What makes me choose my future job
  13. The most unexpected beginning of friendship that I know of
  14. The first time I experienced racial discrimination
  15. The day when I had to become a leader

Easy Narrative Essay Topics

  1. How modern technologies influence our behavior and hobbies
  2. The role of faith in life
  3. The way people demonstrate their disagreement to others
  4. Impact of video games on children
  5. How to earn money during summer holidays
  6. Is friendship between a man and a woman possible?
  7. The best sport for teenagers
  8. How fashion impacts people’s habits
  9. The best ways to solve a conflict
  10. Why proper sleep is a must
  11. How to reduce the level of stress during a day
  12. How motivation affects the result
  13. The best time-management guide
  14. Do physical exercises have a positive impact on the memory capacity?

Good Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Why do people like junk food?
  2. What can hobbies say about a person’s life principles?
  3. Is nursing a science or an art?
  4. The most dangerous profession in the world
  5. How to react to criticism?
  6. The role of books in the education process
  7. Why do we need holidays?
  8. How to survive the first day at college?
  9. The difference between family and personal values
  10. Why do children start doing drugs, smoking, and drinking?
  11. The best place for living
  12. Why people should obey laws
  13. Is crying a sign of weakness?
  14. Is it bad to be an introvert?

Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The future of the traditional English language
  2. When do people realize you are not a kid anymore?
  3. How to make a hard decision
  4. How full is your glass?
  5. Why do we need to leave a comfort zone?
  6. How much time does a person need to relax?
  7. Why some people are always unhappy
  8. Do problems destroy us or help to become stronger?
  9. Are modern children less religious than their parents?
  10. The best role model to follow
  11. Do apps help to save time or just waste it?
  12. Is advice received on the Internet worth to follow?
  13. Did social networks make our life better?
  14. Can music be used as an effective method of concentration?
  15. Does theater have a future or will it be replaced by cinema and Internet?

Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The hardest ethical dilemma I’ve ever had
  2. Is corporate culture important?
  3. What attributes a perfect job must have
  4. The idea for the best reality show that has never existed before
  5. Does writing a diary help to view personal problems differently?
  6. Can handwriting tell a lot about a person or it is just a myth?
  7. How much do people need to read a day?
  8. Why it is important to learn foreign languages
  9. The best conversation I have ever had
  10. Which is better, a private or a public school?
  11. Do we need a new approach in education?
  12. A teacher who inspires me to do my best
  13. Is bullying still a problem today?
  14. Is studying in college overestimated?

Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Do immigrants have a positive or negative impact on a country?
  2. Does traveling extend our perception of the world?
  3. What does it mean to be a good leader?
  4. How to cope with a depressive mood?
  5. Is globalization a positive or a negative phenomenon?
  6. How do food habits influence the state of health?
  7. The benefits and harm of new technologies
  8. The most difficult subject to study
  9. Does homework help learning or makes students only more tired?
  10. What is the best essay topic for high school students?
  11. How to get a job of your dreams?
  12. Is working in a big company better than in a small one?
  13. How to choose a career path?
  14. Do we need friends?

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. How to prepare for finals
  2. How the level of responsibility changes during life
  3. Why do we need to learn history?
  4. Does dignity mean no more than respect for a person’s autonomy?
  5. Is a drug-addiction a social problem or a personal choice?
  6. What measures a company may apply to avoid violence in the workplace
  7. Why do the arranged marriages exist in the modern world?
  8. The causes and consequences of a greenhouse effect
  9. Why do people fight?
  10. Why do people move to live in other countries?
  11. Will electric cars replace the petrol ones?
  12. What is necessary to eat during a day?
  13. Is terrorism a main problem of the 21 century?
  14. What conversation would you like to have with the President?
  15. Does extraterrestrial life exist?
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