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How to cite Wikipedia like a pro

Let's say you need to cite a Wikipedia article. It may be a strange move since many professors are very skeptical of Wiki pages. But what if you can't go further without the information stored in this giant international archive? Well, not everything is as scary as it seems at first glance! There is a clear algorithm for citing sources found on Wikipedia. Check this guide to understand the general algorithm of actions and key rules!

Should you include citations for Wikipedia articles?

Deciding whether to cite Wikipedia in my paper or yours hinges on understanding your assignment's nature and the sourcing expectations. While Wikipedia is a vast reservoir of information, it's also a collaborative, user-edited encyclopedia. It means the reliability of its content can vary, and it may not be suitable for all academic contexts. However, if you do use information from Wikipedia, it's crucial to cite it to maintain academic integrity.

How to cite Wikipedia in APA style

When figuring out how to cite a Wikipedia article in APA style, there are specific steps to follow for accuracy. First, identify the article title, then note the exact date and time of the version you're referencing, as Wikipedia content can change rapidly. You'll find this information in the article's 'View history' tab. The APA citation format should include the article title in italics, followed by the words "In Wikipedia" and the retrieval date.

The main citation features

In APA style, a citation needs the writer's name, the year it was published, the title of the work, and where it came from. For digital sources like Wikipedia, add the website link and the date you looked at it because online stuff can change often. You should use short references in the text. Normally, you must list the author's last name and the year it was published.

Example: APA Wikipedia citation

APA format

Article title. (Year, Month Day). In Wikipedia. URL

APA Reference Entry

Quantum Mechanics. (2024, January 5). In Wikipedia. Retrieved January 5, 2024, from

APA In-text Citation

("Quantum Mechanics," 2024)

How to cite Wikipedia in MLA style

The Modern Language Association (MLA) format focuses on the author-page citation system, but you use the article's title for sources like Wikipedia with no specific author. When you access the Wikipedia page, click the "View history" tab to find the last edit date for accuracy. For subheadings, MLA suggests a tiered format, using levels of subheadings to organize content. These should be informative, concise, and styled consistently. Besides, do not hesitate to say, "Write my term paper fast!" We can assist fast!

The main citation features

In MLA style, a citation includes the writer's name, the source's title, the title of the wider source, other people who helped, the type, the number part, the publisher's name, the release date, and where it was published. When you cite Wikipedia, the "box" is Wikipedia itself. The company that produces it is the Wikimedia Foundation, and the place to find it is the URL of the article. Delegate your paperwork to our team! With us you can also count on economics homework help online.

Example: MLA Wikipedia citation

MLA format

"Article Title." Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, Date of last modification, URL.

MLA Works Cited Entry

"Photosynthesis." Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 5 Jan. 2024,

MLA In-text Citation


How to cite Wikipedia in Chicago style

To cite Wikipedia in Chicago style, you must pay close attention to the specifics of your citation to ensure it adheres to the guidelines. In Chicago style, you use footnotes or endnotes for citations in the text and a list of sources for full details. Don't forget to put the full reference in your list of sources. When writing titles, the Chicago style wants them to be clear and the same all the time.

The main citation features

A Chicago citation's main things are the writer's name, the source's title, and how it was published. When using Wikipedia, a site where anyone can change the content without a specific writer, we use the article's title as our main reference. Feeling exhausted? Fret not! With us, you can count on online help with paper assignments.

Example: Chicago Wikipedia citation (notes and bibliography)

Full note format

"Article Title," Wikimedia Foundation, last modified Date, URL.

Full Note Example

"Neural Networks," Wikimedia Foundation, last modified January 5, 2024, 12:34,

Short Note format

"Neural Networks."

Example: Chicago Wikipedia citation (author-date)

Chicago author-date format

Wikipedia. Year. "Article Title." Wikimedia Foundation. Last Modified Date. URL.

Chicago Reference Entry

Wikipedia. 2024. "Artificial Intelligence." Wikimedia Foundation. Last modified January 5, 2024.

Chicago Author-Date Citation

(Wikipedia 2024)

Is Wikipedia a dependable source of information?

When deciding to write a cite Wikipedia, it is important to evaluate its dependability. Wikipedia is a famous place to get information that anyone can change. It has good and bad parts. Its power comes from group knowledge and constant changes. It gives a good start for research. But, because anyone can edit it, the accuracy of its information can be different. But here is another thing! Wanna know how to cite a dictionary? Just ask us for help!

Using Wikipedia effectively

To use Wikipedia well, consider it a starting point for more study. It can show you the big picture and result in trustworthy sources at the end of every article. But for tough school jobs, always looking for top-notch journals, books, and reliable online sources that others check for the main facts. Don't be shy if you need help using Wikipedia for your school work or need support with library stuff. Get in touch with the Speedy Paper group for support. We can help with academic stuff, so get yourself prepared for polished papers!