Overcoming Grief. Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-14
Overcoming Grief. Essay Example
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Grief is a natural occurrence in life, and it is impossible to avoid it; hence one must go through it at some point. Generally, pain refers to intense sorrow that entails experiences such as the one an individual undergoes after losing a loved one or changing careers (Roberts et al., 2016, 3). If one fails to cope well with grief, they could end up suffering from depression; hence overcoming it is critical (Stevenson et al., 2017, 652). Some of the most effective ways to prevail over grief include accepting one's feelings and talking it out to family and friends.

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Accepting and facing one's feelings is essential to overcoming grief. Most people attempt to suppress the feelings of sorrow but such an approach is short-lived. Also, it extends the grieving process and pain could lead to issues such as depression and substance abuse if left unresolved for a prolonged period (Hawthorne et al., 2016, 77). For one to heal, it is paramount to acknowledge the feelings they harbor, which could be exhaustion, anger, or sadness (Hamilton, 2016, 524). If one feels overwhelmed in the attempt to accept the feelings, they should consult a mental health professional. Such specialists will help them face and cope with grief to resume their healthy lives since pain disrupts one's normalcy.

Turning to friends and family and talking to them about the feelings is essential in prevailing over grief. Such people could help the individual experiencing pain to understand the event that caused grieving and walk you through the recovery process (Stevenson et al., 2017, 662). One should endeavor to draw family and friends closer and be willing to ask and accept their help (Prigerson & Maciejewski, 2008, 436). It is prudent to seek the advice of close people even if one feels and prides in self-sufficiency and strength. Avoiding people would lead to isolation which could, in turn, keep away essential support systems and disrupt the healing process.

Overall, coping with feelings of loss is critical when one experiences grief. A person is likely to feel angry, have constant worries, and other related kinds of emotions. It is prudent to talk to family and friends and embrace one's feelings to enhance the recovery process. While everyone reacts differently to grief and the emotions could be intense, adopting the different coping approaches is critical to strengthen recovery and resumption to normalcy.

Essay Outline


Grief is unavoidable hence a natural event that one must experience at some point in their lives.

Thesis: Talking to close people and accepting one's feelings are the most effective ways to overcome grief.

Paragraph 1.

Accepting and facing one's feelings.

Acknowledge the feelings that one harbors, such as anger and exhaustion.

Failure to accept prolongs the healing process and could lead to health conditions such as depression.

Consulting a specialist if unable to face one's feelings.

Paragraph 2.

Turning to friends and family and talking to them about the feelings.

Accept and ask for any assistance that one could need in overcoming grief.

Close people are essential support systems who can help one accept what they feel.

It is unadvisable to isolate oneself even if one feels confident and self-sufficient as it could disrupt the healing process and prolong it.

Concluding paragraph.

Acknowledging one's feelings and talking to friends and family could help overcome grief.

The various feelings associated with grief could be intense.

Grief is part of life, and it is essential to embrace the most effective coping mechanisms. Such approaches quicken the recovery process and ensure one resumes their normal lives within a short period.


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