Free Essay on Why Katherine Johnson Inspires and Motivates Me

Published: 2022-03-03
Free Essay on Why Katherine Johnson Inspires and Motivates Me
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Katherine Johnson, an African American is said to be a profound mathematician who made enormous influences to the United States space and aeronautics programs. Johnson as a space scientist worked at NASA for 33 years whereby she helped launch the first American to space as well as providing the math for several missions such as Apollo 11, the Mercury project and John Glenn's orbit. It is with faith that goals and aspirations initially considered difficult end up being realized. According to Martin Luther King "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase" hence individuals ought to believe in themselves throughout their endeavors.

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Being the first female to work on specific missions at the Langley research center, Johnson significantly inspires a whole large number of people paving the way for others especially women to follow. Katherine is a hero and an excellent source of inspiration for me especially drawing from her hard work and determination that gets exhibited through her numerous work and accomplishments. It is also through this commitment that Katherine had that she was capable of surpassing particular racial and gender restrictions and eventually accomplishing her goals and soaring great heights.

Meeting obstacles along the way is undoubtedly unavoidable in any given context especially in one's career path. For instance, drawing from Katherine's case, despite facing numerous obstacles such as gender and racial discrimination Katherine did not let anything stand in her way and instead pushed through eventually attaining all she set her mind to by approaching her goals with determination. Katherine's level of commitment is a significant motivating factor that evidence shows that regardless of problems one faces in life, giving up is not always an option thus one should not stop following their life dreams.

Hard work is also fundamental in any given context for instance in this case in career paths and success. Katherine's success in her career is an excellent example of the marvelous results attained only through hard work. Katherine's diligence gets reflected in her accomplishments that in this case prove the necessity and fruits of working tirelessly towards one's career and individual aspirations.

Katherine's love for Mathematics dramatically aligns and motivates me in the pursuit of my career and enhances my passion for Mathematics. Katherine fascinated by numbers; she could even count anything that could be calculated thus showing her unending love for Mathematics. Some of the achievements by Katherine in Computer Science and relation to her prowess in Mathematics field much inspire me to attain and achieving my goals. When faced with challenges especially in my career that is Mathematics and Computer sciences and feel like giving up, Katherine's story reminds me always to remain determined and focused.

Hard work and determination are the two main traits exhibited by Katherine Johnson that apart from making her a hero made her an inspiration. It is through putting enormous efforts and commitment into her work alongside efficiently and appropriately attending to her responsibilities that Katherine succeeded eventually getting to remain a legend at NASA. Despite the odds being against her, Katherine was in a position to follow and achieve her dreams and set goals. Katherine inspires me mainly being a perfect example to follow for instance by offering a great example of how determination and hard work pays off. Being the first female to work at NASA's Langley Research center shows that the fire inside a person is all that matters hence aspects such as one's looks and gender ought not to be a limiting factor towards one's pursuit of their life objectives and careers.

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