What Motivates Me - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-01
What Motivates Me - Free Essay Sample
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Life is a continuous process, and since people are part of it, they have to continue with their daily routine after getting out of bed. Everyone has a motivating factor that pushes them to get out of their bed in the morning. I also have my responsibilities as a manager, which motivates me to achieve my team's goals. Waking up in the morning is inspired by my idea of getting to learn about the daily routine, and I have to be focused no matter what. I usually set up an example in my life to others since life is a process that needs to be mastered, and I started doing so from my early stages of life. Apart from that, I can say that I am a morning person, and I always prefer to approach my days with energy from the morning, so that keeps me motivated to get out of bed. Waking every morning is motivated by daily goals that must be achieved by the end of the day.

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Morning Sunshine

Exercise and getting the morning sunshine motivates me to get out of bed in the morning since I love taking a walk with my dog and performing some exercise sessions. I feel energized after conducting the activities, and this makes me get motivated. The need to complete an action like making breakfast and getting ready for the daily activities motivates me to get out of bed. However, some days like on Saturdays, it becomes a struggle to get out of bed since there are no schedules and activities to perform this, I take a little longer to start the less busy day. Every day is a brand new day, and this sets my mind that I have to wake up and meet the requirements of the day. A modern-day makes one keep growing and accomplish their records.

An excellent answer to this kind of question has to have some information that is related to my professional life more than personal experience. The opportunity for friend completion makes me get up in the morning. I have to think of my competitors and how I can have strategies that keep me on top of life matters. Being able to wake up gives a challenge to me and views the rewards of success as a great idea. The ability to perform as a team gives me the motivation to wake up. Being passionate about team working and competing with other competitors is a motivating factor. Working with a team that has the same goal gives me the ability to alert my mind to wake up each day.

Effort Needed

Giving a job all the effort needed makes one get a lot of appreciation. With the preferences, one is motivated to get out of bed every morning to full the interests of the respective area. The work done is the motivating factor for other people since they will start performing well in their sectors. As a volunteer, I have to get out of bed to go and motivate others, and probably people in low backgrounds. They are assisting where you can create motivation from society. Showing my strengths to the community motivates me to wake up every day out of bed.


Conclusively, challenging oneself for a better future, assists in advancing the personal levels. It also helps in changing the whole life together with the career. Others are also motivated to change their lives for the better. Waking up gets one through the day's experience. One learns a lot through the daily activities conducted after getting out of bed. Getting out of bed can be motivated by wanting to get motivators who trace the specific qualifications of life. It adds up to the day's success and helps get positive energy for the other day.

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