Free Essay Sample - Vulnerability Discussion

Published: 2019-06-13
Free Essay Sample - Vulnerability Discussion
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Brown (2010) put it clearly that vulnerability is the birth place of joy, creativity, love, compassion and belonging. I strongly agree with Brown on this because of three main reasons. The fist reason is vulnerability always normally accompanied by a struggle for worthiness and belonging. An individual who feels vulnerable struggles day in day out in his or her life to make sure that he or she regains the worthiness in his or her life (Barker 9). For this reason, such individuals tend to behave in a manner that suggests that they are ready take anybody in and try even the hardest relationships even if they seem difficult to work out. For this reason, people develop a liking for them and love them because of the humility they tend to display in their lives. This humility normally works as an attraction for many people and the individuals feeling vulnerable become loveable because of the humility (Zajonc 1750). People sympathize with them and at the end of it all, they enjoy love, compassion and belonging in their lives which helps to regain their worthiness in life back.

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Secondly, the fear that accompanies the vulnerability in life of an individual helps to bring a lot of love and compassion to the vulnerable. This works out in search a way that, vulnerability fear somehow makes someone careful with everything and therefore perfect in whatever they do. Since the vulnerable people in the society are always accompanied by fear of the unknown that might happen any time in their lives, they tend to be perfect in their deeds in their moves that are geared towards seeking safety and worthiness I their lives (McKinnon 54). Therefore such people avoid trouble and this makes the people around them to like working with them and accepting them in their lives. This is the beginning of joy and belongingness in the lives of the vulnerable.

Thirdly, it is actually true that vulnerability is the birth place of joy, compassion and belonging. This is because ones an individual realizes that he or she is vulnerable in his or her life, he or she starts to look for ways to fight that feeling of being vulnerable. The individual starts to perfect his or her ways of interacting with others as a strategy to make sure that he or she has people who care about him or her and who are ready to move together with such people in life and help them get out of the difficult situation (Zajonc 1756). The vulnerable will therefore become very creative in their lives and struggle to regain their worthiness and find a group in which they can confide and even belong in their lives. Their struggle for belonging and the creativity in life does not usually go unpaid for at the end of the struggle, the individuals who felt vulnerable manage to reclaim their happiness and their worthiness in life. It is therefore true that joy and compassion as well as creativity can come in once life after a experiencing vulnerability that stimulates changes in the way of life.

The argument of Brown that vulnerability leads to compassion, love and joy is not valid because on the contrary, vulnerability brings sorrow and depression to the victims because of the difficulties that accompany the life of a vulnerable person. The vulnerability brings a lot of misery to the life of a person because it brings a lot of fear and shame leaving an individual struggling for worthiness (Hougaard et al 60). The struggle for worthiness and belonging gives an opportunity to other people to turn the vulnerable into a laughing stock. There is no doubt therefore, that the vulnerable struggle in their lives and fail to have company as their counterparts. For these reasons therefore, it would not be appropriate to term vulnerability as a core beginning of happiness, joy, compassion and belonging but it is actually the beginning of heartbreak, sorrow, shame and a lot of worthiness struggle.

However, I refute this counter argument to Browns ideas because sorrow and heartbreak as well as the struggles for worthiness that the vulnerable face in their lives is not always the end of their lives. But it is always a new beginning for them to start a new life and that is why Brown (2010) states it clearly that she disagreed with her client who defined vulnerability as the cause of sorrow and shame. This is because the world is full of vulnerability and therefore human beings are always in a state of looking for solutions to the vulnerability states in their lives (McKinnon 67). As such, those who feel vulnerable do not sit down to let the struggle for worthiness and sorrow together with shame to eat them up. They struggle to make sure that they create meaning in their lives and regain their belongingness back. In the end, they manage to regain their belongingness and love as well as compassion in their lives. This is proof that vulnerability is indeed the birth place of joy, creativity, compassion and love.

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