Essay Sample. Using Health Information Exchange to Improve Public Health

Published: 2023-04-12
Essay Sample. Using Health Information Exchange to Improve Public Health
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Public health is the scientific way of improving and protecting the health of the communities through policy-making to prevent diseases. Health information exchange is one of the methods used to improve public health, which refers to the electronic process used to transmit information related to medicine. The paper will describe the benefits of health information exchange as a method of improving public health, for instance, reporting clinical information, reporting laboratory diagnoses, and physician-based diagnoses.

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One of the uses of health information exchange in the field of public health is that it enhances the non-mandatory report of clinical data. In this case, a system known as a syndrome surveillance system that monitors non-diagnostic data is used. These help the communities to receive information relating to public health in various fields, for instance, watching the complaints of emergency discharge diagnoses such as flu-related illness (Lin, Everson, & Adler-Milstein, 2018).

The other benefit of health information exchange is that it helps in reporting laboratory data; for example, the status of a patient. Health information exchange has improved the reporting of Physician Based Diagnoses to the public depending on the type of disease reported. In the first point, the physician collects and reports information and also confirms clinical cases that might interfere the public health. Also, it enables the clinician to improve the timeliness of compliance reports in the clinical workflow. The workflow of the clinician has to be added to the hospital or any other institutional health to prevent such infections led by nonspecific diagnoses and ensure that the physician is capable of transmitting information to the public.

Health information exchange also enhances public health investigation, which helps in the identification of some diseases exposed to the public for early treatment. The health information exchange has also improved the public health clinic, which has benefited the public. The patient, for instance, can easily access information relating to clinical cases.

With the help of health information exchange, the disaster medical response has effectively reached the public. The Department of veterans affairs uses electronic and other clinical data systems to improve public health. They provide the patient, especially the refugees or other dislocated people, the information concerning their health. Through health information exchange, the public is alerted to improve on their health care. The physician provides the data promptly; for example, in the case of influenza and viral disease attack the public, the physician provides the preventive measures of such diseases to the patient.

Through health information exchange, the hospital overcomes the cases of the dead through trade associations by requesting the care facilities used during emergencies. To provide minimal information like dead, the physician displays the mechanism of emergencies to the public which would be well fitted to the patient

Conclusively, public health is very critical and has to be considered as among the topmost issues to handle in any economy because the public contributes to the development of the country's economy. Apart from the health information exchange that has enhanced public health in various ways, for instance, the provision of clinical information and the report concerning laboratory diagnoses, other methods that will improve public health should be found.


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