United States Office of Personnel Management

Published: 2022-12-16
United States Office of Personnel Management
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The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is a sovereign of the U.S. administration that is the agency that is responsible for the supervision of civil service hirings. OPM's departments and their workers execute civil programs and supply the amenities that facilitate the organization to fulfill its tactical objective. The paper examines the role of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and its impact on public administration.

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The Office of Personnel Management is accountable for supervising all facets of the federal administration's employees. The organization supports civil services and supports the representatives of the federal staff. It also offers administration advice to the different sectors of the federal government's administrative branch and provides guidelines regulating federal human resources (USA.gov, 2019). The agency also liaises with the Federal Labor Relationship Authority, which supervises the universal negotiating privileges of federal workers. The agency also collaborates with the Merit Systems Protection Board, which is tasked on undertaking research of the federal civil service and hearing petitions from federal workers who have been punished or terminated (OPM, 2019).

OPM is very influential in public administration. The agency works in multiple board divisions to supervise and serve the Federal Government in enterprise human resource management through the delivery of policies and services to attain a trusted and effective citizen workforce. The agency also affects public administration by ensuring that all federal organizations adhere to civil service laws and regulations in recruiting or firing workers or supervising its staff. In the public administration, the Office of Personnel Management streamlines all benefits programs, with the inclusion of health insurance, accessible to the federal workforce (ALLGOV, 2019). The agency also ensures that the hiring process follows the law.

Conclusively, the Office of Personnel Management is tasked with supervision of hiring in the civil service. OPM is also responsible for imposing civil programs and deliver the services needed to achieve the intended objectives. OPM has huge impacts in the public administration. The agency ensures that all federal firms adhere to civil service laws and regulations in hiring workers.


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