Types of Network Organizations - Free Paper Example

Published: 2023-11-10
Types of Network Organizations - Free Paper Example
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Generally, networking organizations are referred to as a group of companies or businesses that are acceptable and stand on their own and use various ways of running and administering their interactions in order to make it look like one big entity (Zyzak & Jacobsen, 2020). Usually, the networking unit exists in three major components which include; internal whereby a firm has subdivided small units to act as control centers, stable component whereby a central firm assigns work to other firms, and finally, the dynamic component where a created network works more serving other companies outside.

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Therefore, there are various types of networking organizations that are used in businesses creating different impacts in their way of growth at different levels and they include; casual contact networks, strong contact networks, community service clubs networks, professional association networks, and finally social media networks (Bretschneider & Parker, 2016). This networking, therefore, has a great impact whereby they can either result in the growth of the business involved or lead to its failure depending on the methods used in the implementation and the knowledge one has about them. The main aim of this paper is, therefore, to examine various types of networking organizations.

Social Networking Organizations

The social networking organization has been created with the aim of improving the quality and brand of the goods and services in business and to increase interactions between business enterprises and customers. (Andrews & Beynon, 2017). Therefore, for any given firm to successfully implement it then it is important to understand and outline the various goals and desired dreams with the amount of time the business or any given firm spends on social media marketing and how consistent it appears there. Through this type of network, the firm and business enterprises can create their pages on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where they can advertise their services and goods hence allowing customers to follow and view the products and buy those of their choice (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020).

The customers are also able to launch their complaints on the products stating the quality needed to help enhance their effectiveness and performance (Gaeta et al., 2020). This will therefore end up enhancing the firms to expand externally in the process of marketing. However, at times it is costly to implement this type of networking organization since a lot of resources are needed before it becomes successful.

Professional Association Network Organization

Professional association networking organizations consist of members working from a particular same field such as banking, teaching, architecture among other fields create a platform where they can use to share and exchange ideas in any given field through the meetings they attend and workshops (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020). The aim of this type of network is to ensure members join groups with potential and enough clients and also those with the markets of their target. Here, most members are limited in those existing groups when they have major industry credentials.

In most cases, the members of this kind of network organization have done some efforts to give its members the potential to increase their earnings where the group associate category is created in order for them to increase their income at any given time (Kehoe et al., 2018). Consequently, it is advantageous since it allows members to acquire new ideas that can enhance the performance in their businesses. Moreover, the professional members from the same field can as well have the seminars and workshops and through this, they will be able to share the ideas and other issues affecting their different fields of operation hence leading to the increase in the efficiency of work and other fields such as technology in industries (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020).

However, this kind of network can be disadvantageous in case the wrong processes have been implemented (Mylonas et al., 2020). For example in the field such as the manufacturing industry when the professional members if the members implement wrong procedures in any production process then this may end up terminating the whole manufacturing process (Zyzak & Jacobsen, 2020); this may lead to the production of the undesired products which do not satisfy the need of the customers, therefore, losing them and it may be so expensive to divert the processes again which needs a lot of keenness when sharing the ideas and first testing their hypotheses on how they work (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020). Technically the networking organization may lead to losses in the particularly given firms applying if the ideas about technology acquired are not implemented following the right procedures.

Strong Contact Network Organizations

Strong contact network organizations are networking organizations whose main aim is to provide help and guidance to the members associated with it in the sharing of business referrals and it usually restricts them to only one profession (Kehoe et al., 2018). It helps in the provision of many opportunities to the members in the way they can develop their referral marketing campaigns worldwide since the firm, business or individuals are unable to meet all the people but through the referrals by the member associates, it will be easy to reach many people(Mylonas et al., 2020). More so, for one to succeed when applying this mode of networking organization then a few things should be put into consideration.

Firstly, the associates should be updated with any meeting that takes place and schedules them to make sure they attend almost all the meetings (Kehoe et al., 2018). Through these meetings, the member associates will be able to share ideas on different approaches in making the referrals successful and knowing more about the businesses of other members with regular attending of the meetings (Andrews & Beynon, 2017). Secondly, one should always be free to attend the meetings and look for alternative ways of approaching other people who can help the members of his or her group. When applying this type of networking is expensive and somehow tedious when using it since it is hard for one to convince the customers during the referrals because not all of them will take it as something serious (Kehoe et al., 2018). It also needs a lot of finance to facilitate this program with many employees needed who in turn will need payment.

Casual Contact Network Organizations

In this type of networking organizations, people from different fields or professions interact to share ideas on the business market (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020). Here, the groups may decide to meet on monthly basis and in those meetings, they are free to interact and share ideas on any given fields and they sometimes they invited guest speakers to address on various important topics and issues of main concern on either legislation, community affairs or even local business programs (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020). When members meet they are able to make valuable and innovative contacts with different business people and enterprises where their initial contacts will help them to develop some new skills on how they can approach customers and make more referrals.

However, the problem with this networking organization is that it cannot help one get referrals hence one will have to use his or her own efforts to make sure they acquire referrals at their own costs and knowledge (Mylonas et al., 2020). This, therefore, makes the production process on the market very slow if the members concerned are sometimes not motivated by the owner of the business or enterprise when applying this mode of networking organization at any given field.

On the other hand, through this networking model, when members attend the meetings they are able to get prior knowledge on different approaches which helps them gain experience in any given field even if they do not have expertise there (Mylonas et al., 2020). This will therefore give the firm options of expanding the business both internally and externally increasing the level of income.

Community Service Club Networking Organizations

The community services club networking organizations are mainly associated with the aim of oriented services provided to the community and mostly it can be provided by the government or the well-wishers (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020). Through it, people concerned are able to for long-lasting and stronger and personal business networks since one will be interacting with the most members of the community and engage them directly. There are some people who join this kind of networking organization not with the aim of self-gains to themselves but to contribute and they, in turn, get rewarded in the future in either direction (Mylonas et al., 2020). They usually do this with the aim of marketing their products to the communities they live in and gain fame so that in case they need their attention, it would be easy as a way of giving back.

It is of great advantage since for example when one decides to promote their businesses via this networking mode by initially starting with helping the community will end up deepening their relations with people and this will help them win the market easily (Andrews & Beynon, 2017). It will also enable them to have a politically stable environment around since the community has trust in them hence expanding the business at a higher rate than expected (Zyzak & Jacobsen, 2020). However, it is also disadvantageous since it may require one to invest adversely and heavily in benefiting the community and in turn end up getting losses out of them. It will therefore kill the morale of those who had the same intention to become reluctant since they will fear going through the same risks that they learned from the victims (Moldavanova & Akbulut-Gok, 2020).


It is therefore evident and clear that every particular type of networking organization has either the positive and negative impacts on the individuals, businesses, firms, or the community in various ways. It is therefore upon the members of associates to get the prior knowledge about any given networking organization before implementing it to achieve better results and avoid or limit the negative side effects that may be incurred. The presence of networking organizations helps in the enhancing of communication flow freely among all the departments and therefore this encourages innovation and investment opportunities by the organization itself or the individuals.

Furthermore, the presence of networking organizations when applied by any business enterprise helps the departments work independently in the way they make decisions and thus it increases the chances of specialization among the individuals. The more one researches on them the more one gets informed about them and tries having firsthand information about them and has the curiosity to tell among them which can be more applicable in any given field or industry. Every given networking organization has its own impacts either favoring the business market involved or leading to its failure depending on how it is being used by an individual or organization.


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