To What Extent is Democracy in America a Celebration of Democracy? - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-28
To What Extent is Democracy in America a Celebration of Democracy? - Essay Sample
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According to Tocqueville, America’s democracy of conditions is the central, unavoidable tendency in the modern world. Tocqueville considered American democracy as having immense in-depth impacts on the whole course of the community. America’s democracy is not yet a celebration of democracy since the social state is the main cause of most of the customs, laws, and ideas in society. America’s democracy is not yet a democracy celebration since racism and inequality exist, yet Tocqueville believed that equality was the key social and political opinion of his era (De Tocqueville, 2015). He admired American individualism, but he was warned that some people’s communities could become atomized and inconsistently uniform. Therefore, democracy is not yet a celebration since some individuals do not have a transitional structure to facilitate relations with the state. This leads to a democratic tyranny of the majority in which individual rights are compromised; hence America is not yet a fully democratic state.

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Tocqueville argues that the restlessness of American democracy is caused by struggles by individuals and groups for greater equality. Despite that frequent elections in America keep citizens in a feverish excitement and provide continual insecurity to public affairs, Tocqueville did not consider elections as the cause of democracy’s dynamic of democracy in America (De Tocqueville, 2015). American democracy is not yet committed to public equality for its citizen; hence it’s not yet a celebration. The new American democracy released constant strive against several inequalities inherited from Europe’s old system. Democracy disseminated passion for the equalization of property, power, and status among citizens; therefore, the current inequalities in American are purely contingent and easily altered by human action; hence it proves that the American democracy is not yet a celebration. The Americans have not yet attained full democracy since the current is still subject to social revolution. Democracy drastically modifies or damages the great inequality of women and men that seem to be hitherto to be derived externally in nature (De Tocqueville, 2015). American democracy can be celebrated in the future when it confronts the fundamental dilemma of inequality. The democratic mechanism stimulates a passion for political and social equality, which cannot fully satisfy American’s desires.

To some extent, American democracy is a celebration since either pure or direct democracy enables people to directly decide on policy initiatives directly; hence they enjoy the freedom of participation informing state policies. Therefore, supporting American democracy to ensure there is equality for both whites and blacks American’s promotes key American values like workers’ rights and religious freedom and also assist in establishing a more stable, secure, and prosperous global arena in which America advances its national interests (De Tocqueville, 2015). America’s democracy will become a celebration when it fully protects minority groups’ rights from the majority population’s oppression. De Tocqueville noticed a disturbing threat to American democracy, which still makes it unsatisfactory to be celebrated; he feared the American’s might become so satisfied with the value of equality to an extent they abandon the in-depth interest and participation in self-government (De Tocqueville, 2015). Tocqueville asserts that if citizens abandon self-government, the state will become more powerful and cover the community with a network of complicated laws; hence democracy will be greatly compromised, and Americans will have equality through slavery. Also, the tyranny of numbers influences the extent to which American democracy celebrations and this bothered a lot of De Tocqueville about American democracy. Abuse of power or a society comprised of equal people, the majority is always believed to be right, leading to “tyranny of the majority,” and the democracy is highly compromised (De Tocqueville, 2015).

In America, citizenship and law depict that democracy is well established since American citizens have the ultimate right and power to alter any laws they feel unfavorable to them. The American democracy and civil society are impressive, and it deserves celebration for this effort. Therefore, Tocqueville’s justification of American democracy depicts a poignant time in the 19th century, where popular thinking was self-conscious of civil society’s innovation under democratic situations (De Tocqueville, 2015). Tocqueville’s views in American democracy were prescient and astute, mainly pertaining to the grave political challenge of slavery. The celebration of American democracy has been hindered by the calamity of slavery, which leads to a terrible sub-division of political and social life; hence racism arises. Black Americans were not involved in civil society; they were mainly objects of gross incivility since informal and legal penalties exist against racial issues. In an effort to attain effective democracy in America, lurking within the racist culture was the key barrier. Democracy celebration is not yet achieved, as illustrated by the white’s suspicion of black Americans, which was poisonous contradictions that compromise democracy between slavery and the modern spirit of democracy representations.

In conclusion, American democracy is not yet a democracy celebration since inequalities, slavery, and racism still exist. Therefore, American democracy is still under modern revolution and customization to ensure that it protects citizens’ rights equally and fairly.


De Tocqueville, A. (2015). Democracy in America-Vol. I. and II. Read Books Ltd.

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