Theoretical Psychological Concepts on Personal Development, Free Essay in Psychology

Published: 2022-02-16
Theoretical Psychological Concepts on Personal Development, Free Essay in Psychology
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The psychological theories have poised a tremendous influence on the personal development of individuals as wells as groups of people in society specifically during the civil right era (Michie, 2005). Imperatively, the psychological theories tend to provide a well-designed mechanism to help give an insight understanding of the human thoughts, emotions as well as general behavior. Significantly, the central concern of the psychological theories is to help provide a clear description of behavior as well as future prediction behavior change. Based on this analogy, it is vividly demonstrated that the psychological theories can be used as an actual parameter to help understand specific behavior change among individuals or groups of people in the society (Michie, 2005). Being bone in the era of constant racial segregation, the theoretical approaches helps unravel behavioral changes majorly to the black community. Significantly, the psychological concepts have sharpened my in-depth understanding of how to react, respond and predict the behavior change exhibited by the racial segregation.

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Personal Reflection

Living in an era dominated by segregation, the psychological theories tends to provide clear analysis on the general behavior of individuals in the society. Notably, the segregation which targeted the blacks resulted into a complete shift in the general behavior of the affected individuals in the entire society. The racial segregation along with other related forms in-human behaviors which subverted the human rights rendered the affected crew completely desolate and uncontrollable. It is worth acknowledging the fact that, blacks in segregated rural areas suffered greatly lack of effective public health services such clean water. The lack of social necessities negatively affected our lives and rendered the entire society prone to disease attacks and other related health complications. On the basis racial segregation witnessed from the southern part of the country, drove us to adject poverty as a result of racial prejudice which was highly discriminative in nature. Significantly, over the past fifty years, there has a great shift in terms of the behavior changes which easily can be dissected using the psychological theories as depicted by various proponents of developmental psychology.

Contribution of Psychological Theories on Personal Development

Following the in-depth analysis of the psychological theoretical concepts, my general understanding of the human behavior has since then become relevant. Considering Lawrence Kohlberg developmental theory extracted from Jean Piaget tends to provide the general analogy on the moral development at various stages of human development. According to pre-conventional level in Kohlberg theory, it is clearly indicated that, the general behaviour of individuals in the society is externally triggered. This analogy is relevant to the harsh and disillusioned behaviors depicted by the segregated blacks due to external discrimination from the powerful authorities and the whites. On the other hand, the theory also tends to focus on how figures in the environment change the general behaviors of individuals in the society. The harsh signals from racial segregators aligned with series of social prejudice rendered the black community futile as the neglect denied them the necessary social services and amenities. As depicted by the Kohlberg's the magnitude of punishment and rewards have a great contribution on the general behavior change of the individual in a particular population. The racial segregation as a vice was tentatively perceived by most of the blacks as a form of punishment from the white and the local authority. This form of treatment latter resulted into a complete shift in behavior as witnessed in the segregated population particularly the blacks.

On the other hand, most proponents of the behavioral theories such as BF Skinner, whose philosophy focuses on the reinforcement or punishment present relevant ideologies which can be employed in analysing the behavior, change of people in the society. It is imperative to note that, the operant conditioning theory as depicted by skinner tends to offer a specific behavioral perspective based on the magnitude of the stimulus attained. It is imperative to note that, the social segregation greatly affected the general behavior and entire lifestyle of the blacks due to lack of attention and social services.

In conclusion, the general behaviour of individuals in the society relies fully on the external figures and stimuli as portrayed from the theoretical analysis. However, the behavioral attributes can either be controlled by the external factors as well as the internally structured mechanisms.Following the in-depth analysis of the psychological theoretical concepts, the innate understanding of the human behavior easy and relevant to internalize.


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