The Wolf of Wall Street - Movie Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-02
The Wolf of Wall Street - Movie Essay Example
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The sheer corruption becomes enviable on screen, and I was shocked by the numerous scenes on how the characters have gone too far on unrestrained debauchery and partying. The film showcases one slimy messed up the man who slowly rises to power in the process enlisting thousands into his scheme.

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The movie struck me with its explicit contents and showcasing of the nude girl, vile language and a bunch of people who love the high life. For example, DiCaprio portrays Jordan Belfort and his riding life after defrauding ignorant stock investors of millions of dollars. Jordan Belfort in 1987 takes an entry level job at Wall Street brokerage firm while. In his twenties, Belfort sets up his company Stratton Oak together with his trusted lieutenant (Jonah Hill and also they hired a merry band of workers who were trained to connive, cheat and bring enough investors into the firm. The film expresses the way Stockbrokers uses their knowledge of investing to make sure that they gain as much cash as possible. Martin Scorsese adapts the book and puts it on the screen to show how rotten Wall Street can be especially during the 1990s went a lot of innocent folks lost cash after getting convinced that Wall Street is the only way to riches. While the victims wait impatiently for the coming profit, Jordan Belfort and his trusted ally Jonah throw extravagant parties at an expensive and luxurious destination and plotting to recruit more investors.

Stockbroking is a terminology a language I hear about lots of time and in essence, I don't understand what it entails. After watching the movie and finding how ignorant most of those who invest on Wall Street are, I decided to learn about the terminologies. As a budding entrepreneur, I wouldn't want to fall in the claws of any wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort abuses his knowledge about investing and gain an undue advantage to earn cash only to throw it away to a lifestyle of partying, drinking, touring and sexual escapades. He believes that without money no one can be happy in life.

Stockbroking, as expressed in the film, is the art of buying shares also known as stocks and waiting for the per share price to rise and then reselling them. Jordan Belfort created his company and went around enlisting is services to people who have an interest in stockbroking. He later makes away with plenty of cash which he uses to party. The whole film is laden with drugs, sex, superficial luxuries, worship of material things and characters who have an interest in taking and consuming everything

The excesses seek to underscore key themes and criticisms on the American dream. Life has become hard for the ordinary citizen, after getting fired Jordan Belfort faces the harsh reality of the world and starts to hatch a scheme to get back on top. The key themes expressed in the movie are the pursuit of money and success through any means possible and after their life of crime came the hard-hitting fall.

In summary, the Wolf of Wall Street depicts life on fast lane for most of the criminals who make the fast cast and throws them away. It shows that the belief of FBI agency will always be at the forefront in serving justice. For future references, stockbroking is a lucrative business, and it takes lots of knowledge to gain from it.


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