Free Essay on the Use of ERP System and RF Devices

Published: 2019-05-15
Free Essay on the Use of ERP System and RF Devices
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In every business, the main goal is to make profits out of their growth. Therefore, is has been noticed that every business is on the move to adopt ways in which development in every sector of their businesses can be achieved. In response to this rush, the main areas that have been targeted in the push to harvest maximum profits in a less stressful manner are the areas of allocation of resources and the cost of these resources as well. It has been discovered that this allocation and cost of resources can be carefully be monitored if a projected is to be finished can be presented in a timely manner. As a result of seeking for efficiency and a stress-free environment for the workers and their employees to deliver a well-worked on project, the use of enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is highly recommended (Glykas, 2013). The use of Radio Frequencies has also been a suggestion that has been proved to work best on timely delivery of both resources and information that regards the project in question.

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In the ERP system, different companies have come up with some software termed as the ERP software meant to meet the needs of any business that implements the use of this system. In the allocation of resources in a company for a particular project, the manual monitoring of the handling of the specific materials needed at the site of the project is a very tedious process. Therefore, business enterprises have taken the initiative to adopt the ERP system (Glykas, 2013). The team leaders of different projects do monitor the workers as they give their feedback, the resources they need and the period within which the materials are needed for the use of a database that exists on the site of the project. They do this on a regular basis and the feedback or request for materials is usually put into a particular database that identifies the employee. The system also helps in the improvement of the data contained within the companies systems. Through this manner, the business managers are able to monitor the progress of the employees and the amount of efforts that they do put into ensuring the success of the various projects that the company engages in. During the release of the materials for the project, the database is updated immediately and the resources are availed. On receiving the materials, the team leader and the employees that had made the request make sure by confirming that materials indeed have been received and that is automated to the ERP system for easy auditing (Glykas, 2013). In this manner, the allocation of resources is monitored in a stress-free manner as compared to that of manually availing oneself for reporting the matter and coming back to pick the materials.

The manual process does consume a lot of time and is subject to compromise. The flow of cash as well intended to manage the costs of the project are easily traceable and accountability is possible (Glykas, 2013). In such kind of businesses, auditing does need to take less than an hour as the breakdown is automated and sensitive to the individual employee that did that transaction by placing a request, updating the inventory, personal data and signed a cash out for purchasing particular resources. In supplementing this system, the use of Radio Frequency (RF) devices has been found to be effective when it comes to the aspect of communication. The devices are only meant for the purposes of communication between the managers and the team leaders who are based at the site of the project or who are in charge of the various departments of the business.

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