Free Essay with the SWOT Analysis and the STP Analysis of Amazon Go

Published: 2022-04-01
Free Essay with the SWOT Analysis and the STP Analysis of Amazon Go
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SWOT analysis is defined as the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that can affect a particular organization or company.

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The SWOT analysis of Amazon Go therefore entails;

STRENGTH The strengths of the Amazon Go includes

There is proper and encouraged learning in the Amazon Go

There is nothing to do with the checkouts in the Amazon Go

There is always a convenient factor within the Amazon Go

The Amazon Go posses a very positive customer loyalty which is of great importance to the organization

The Amazon Go ITSELF has a very brand name which markets it

The Amazon possess the tendency of the innovative and innovation culture, which is very vital.

WEAKNESSES Some of the shortcomings that are encountered in the Amazon include:

There is always a possibility of losing the job within the Amazon Go

There is a very high and also costly maintenance within the Amazon Go

There is a noted problem in the process of weighing and supplying of the meat

OPPORTUNITIES The various available opportunities within the Amazon Go is that the company has plenty of reason to go and access their store and to obtain different products thus creating opportunity within the organization.

THREATS The main threats to the organization is that is the robotics or the increasing technology coming for the job to replace the human labor. This is the main threat that is affecting the future of the Amazon Go due to the increasing technology in all corners of the world.

The segmentation, positioning and the targeting of the marketing strategy of the Amazon GO

The Amazon Go uses various strategies in its marketing segmentation such as demographic together with the psychographics segmentation which is mainly used to segment the market system.

The Amazon Go also uses a clear and organized distribution strategy as the companies consider that one of the most vital requirements of the final consumer or the customer is the fast delivery of the product. The Amazon GO, therefore, considers that the extensive distribution strategy has to come into play to maximize the sales of the product.

Analyze whether Amazon Go can successfully open up an Amazon store Winnipeg

The Amazon Go can successfully open an Amazon store from the general analysis; this is in relation the benefits and the factors the relates to the same. The Amazon Go is expanding, and therefore there is the great need for the cashier-less store which speeds up the production and at the same time easy and efficient service delivery. The developed store, which the Amazon Go is planning to develop, will use cameras and other modern equipment to overlook and to manage the operation of the store. This will greatly help the company as it will be more economical because there will be reduced number of employees thus reducing the cost of operation.

The equipment will provide self operational and therefore will give a high promising rate of security to the company goods and services, and this will enable the company to realize huge rates of profits due to reduced loses which may have occurred because of human error.

The will be very successful if put into operation in that as opposed to the human-operated store it will realize very few loses. This will be realized, as the accuracy levels of the self-driven equipment are always high and almost efficient unless they are altered with to produce the unexpected result. This will be of great importance to the Amazon Go company as it will ease the process of management within the company.


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