Essay Sample on the Security Environment

Published: 2023-01-20
Essay Sample on the Security Environment
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Quandary 1 From Kilroy Reading

The current state of homeland security of America is not on track. The tradition constitutional policies of America generally push for federalism system, which empowers the municipal, state, and county system (Peters et al. 2018). However, the introduction of the 10th Amendment in America has prevented the tyranny of the centralization in the government a factor that affected the homeland security system in the country (Khan, 2011). The process of changing the international and domestic security environment have affected both the national and homeland security policies (Peters et al. 2018). The number one homeland security issue is the 10th Amendment in the constitution. The 10th Amendment does not allow the delegation of security powers among various sectors in the country (Middlebrook & Hughes, 2013). The Bible, in some instance, offers us guidance concerning homeland security measures. In the book of Mathew chapter 4 verse 4, the poetry educates that we should live in harmony by reading and understanding the word of Lord in our daily lives.

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Quandary 2 from Ramsay and Kilt Reading

The drone policy should protect citizens from national security, anti-terrorism, emergency services, hazard management, and crime preventions (Peters et al. 2018). However, with the Presidential declaration on the disaster, most of the departments have not outlined a unique structure in the disaster management structure. Turndowns have hindered the overall disaster management measures used in controlling the country operational system. These turndowns have a more profound impact on the overall performance of both the national and homeland security systems (Peters et al. 2018). The government should enact strict laws that will help in controlling the turndowns that affect social and economic growth. In some instance, the turndowns can be related to being political, and in some situation, it is social (Radvanovsky & McDougall, 2018). However, in the American view, it can be related to legislative measures in the country.


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