The Role of the Nurse Manager - Paper Example

Published: 2023-09-28
The Role of the Nurse Manager - Paper Example
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Describe a situation when you served as an advocate for your patient.

As a health practitioner, sometimes you find yourself in a situation whereby you have to decide on behalf of your patient as an advocate. There was a time when I had a ten-year-old cancer patient under my care. His oncologist wanted to put him under transitional care in a different health facility, which was way too costly. After assessing the boy's condition, I realized that transferring the boy to another health facility would traumatize him, given that he had already familiarized himself with the current hospital's staff (Stewart, 2016). f. The family was going through tough times financially, and the hospital that the boy wanted to be transferred to was costly. I had to advocate for the boy by talking to his oncologist, who agreed to make the environment conducive for the boy and not to recommend the boy for transitional care.

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Discuss any legal ramifications in this situation.

To build strong advocacy for a patient, a nurse manager must rely on an ethical framework to make decisions. In nursing management ethics, a nurse has to consider the moral values and principles of humanitarian duty as they relate to a specific group or society's ways of life. Ethics requires that nurses have to honor the wishes of their patients. Going against the wishes of a patient can deteriorate his or her health condition. The boy wanted to stay in his current hospital because he was already used to the nurses and his doctor, who were attending to him (Krive, 2013). Transferring the boy was going against his wishes, and it could have traumatized him.

The hospital that the boy was to be transferred to was more expensive for the parents. Relocating to any other hospital would have made it burdensome for the parent, given that they were financially constrained.

Describe the role of the Nurse Manager; describe the involvement of your facility ethics committee or other interprofessional team members.

A nurse manager has the responsibility to supervise the nursing staff in a healthcare facility or any other clinical setting. The nurse managers have the mandate to oversee patient care, in health facilities, make management and budgetary decisions, and setting the work schedules (Marquis & Huston 2017). A nurse manager is also responsible for making decisions about personnel working in a health facility. The ethics committee in healthcare in my facility works with a nurse manager to make decisions concerning the patients and their families during a hard moment. The nurse manager involves other interdisciplinary teams in making decisions such as the physicians and family of patients.

Analyze two methods or models that leaders and managers can use to improve the quality of decision-making.

The OODA Loop Decision-making model

The model requires the decision-maker to make critical observations, do proper orientation, make an informed decision, then act most appropriately. Observation is essential in decision-making because an individual can evaluate the pros and cons of a given resolution. In making a decision, a person has to be decisive if it serves the common good (Bryant, 2016)

The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Model.

This model considers that every decision is unique as some may need to be treated with importance, while others could be less important. Most important decisions are made very fast, with high priority considerations, while non-important ones may not be treated in the same manner. This decision-making model requires that one customizes their decision-making, depending on the situation at hand.


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