Free Essay on the Role of Technology in Education

Published: 2019-10-31
Free Essay on the Role of Technology in Education
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The topic of technology is very wide and dynamic. This is as a result of the major advancement of different aspects involving technology. Our lives literally depend on technology in all ways possible, ranging from communication, entertainment, studying, office work, healthcare services, and socialization among many other areas. It has made life easier for people, products and services rendered have now become of better quality compared to earlier with absence of technology. Efficiency and effectiveness is now the order of the day in most cases, but with every new approach of systems comes fair courses of challenges that need to be overcome.

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Technology has impacted greatly the education system worldwide. This has improved the way the system is run through introduction of new programs as well as revamping the old ones. Despite these changes there are key issues behind the advancement in technology under the education sector. These issues are the main reasons that determine the role of technology in education.

First of all virtual learning has been embraced by most people especially those of the working class category. It is termed as convenient as it saves them the time and cuts down the cost of having to be in an actual classroom. With distance learning, the technology gives everyone the chance to be able to attend a class even in different geographically established institutions (Brooks, 2007). It has shaped how people communicate and attend classes. This means traditional classroom attendance concept has been interrupted, because now students can easily access these services with the availability of a working computer and internet connection.

Communication with tutors is through a phone call, emails, or social media for example skype when in need of face to face conversation. When in need of participating in a class discussion, there is the option of teleconferencing or virtual blackboard.

In as much as the distant learning is of much benefit to both the tutors and students. There is the question of success of the students compared the face to face classrooms (Roblyer & Doering, 2010). Most students may not be as committed to the course when virtual education is involved, as many tend to lag behind in the process (Brooks, 2007). The other shortcoming will be the tutor will be more focused on finishing the syllabus whereas there are slow learners that need clarification from time to time. This also opens up the opportunity for fraudsters to log in as students and sit for exams.

Secondly online plagiarism is bound to be on the rise. Under the education sector students are bound to do research, write papers and do projects, which is mostly done online. Students can easily use the opportunity to take up somebodys work and present it as their own with a few alterations. This possess as a danger to the literary world as stealing of ideas without acknowledging the sources will lead to redundancy and not develop the students research skills. Research projects conducted by the students are bound to help them develop intellectually and also provides a plat form upon which they can compete with the rest of the world and technology has made it possible.

Third the change in economy is bound to affect the role of technology in the education sector. This technology factor in schools needs funding for the services and gadgets to be used for learning. This needs funding to ensure smooth running of the programs. Educational technology tends to cost more for most governments than the actual education (Roblyer & Doering 2010). This has raised questions about the total cost of technology in relation to the education service being rendered to the learners.

In conclusion, technology has a lot of advantages especially on the educational platform. It has made it easier for students to learn better through improving the quality and standards set forth. With this also comes disadvantages or issues that affect the role of technology in educations, the fore mentioned issues form part of the reasons.


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