Essay Example: The Residents of California State Were Seen to Be Angered by the Quarantine Period

Published: 2023-07-23
Essay Example: The Residents of California State Were Seen to Be Angered by the Quarantine Period
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1st letter

According to the article The Stockton Record the residents of California State express their hunger of staying indoors and they are saying that they cannot take it anymore. Many of the people have disobeyed the president's directives for staying indoors, and they are requesting that should be allowed to go back to their normal lives. Hundreds of Protestors came out with boards asking the president to allow them to go back to their business so that they cannot collapse. Many of them said that they need to save their businesses and they have had enough already. According to the tone of their protests, the residents were seen to be angered by the quarantine period, and they had to go back to their normal lives because they were starving to death and boredom was already taking over. Over 200 protestors, were holding signs, and the American flags in one crowd and this shows that they were fed up of the social distancing rules set by the state as a sign to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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Also, the protestors did not wear masks, to prove that they were healthy, and ready to go back to their businesses. One of the protestors was asked and he said that since the American history, no healthy American citizen has ever been quarantined, and quarantining the American is like shutting down the economy. Many expressed fear that the economy would become worse and this would lead to a high cost of living, and many people would start living below the poverty line. To avoid this, the protestors requested that Lodi has to reopen so that they can go back to work. Many of the protestors indicated that they are suffering through this quarantine period, since most of them are self-employed and they cannot enjoy the employment benefits from the government.

2nd Letter

A doctor travelling from New York to San Francisco expressed his fear about the spread of the corona virus because the flight companies did not follow the government directives. He shared a photo of him while in the plane, of how the plane was loaded and did not observe the distancing rules or 1 meter rule. The doctor showed fear in his tone because he feared for the lives of American who were travelling by air. One passage might be having the virus and due to overloading in the plane he or she might end up contracting the virus to the other passengers sited beside him or her. The United Flight Company had announced that it will limit the selection of seats in all the cabins but due to high number of people travelling, it said that it does not mean that every passage in the plane must have an empty seat beside them.

The doctor was shocked that people were not fearing for their health and they disobeyed the government directives by not observing the social distancing measures. The doctor indicate that he had no idea why most of the passengers were travelling despite the travel ban, and also, the airlines did not take various precautions to practice social distancing. Instead, the united flight company allowed the passengers to board the flight fully and they said that it is not guaranteed that every client boarding the plane should have and empty seat beside him or her.

This shows that people are already fed up with the government directives and they want their lives to go back to normal. Also, most of them are not worried about their health but they are worried about the economy, and how they will survive for the next coming days.

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