Paper Example: The Preeminence of Teachers

Published: 2023-12-05
Paper Example: The Preeminence of Teachers
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In this post, the issue was that some students would perform well in some institutions compared to other institutions. Despite the students partaking in the same kind of learning, some would do better in their examinations while others would not function as expected. The teachers claimed that the salaries they get should be increased as a way of also making the students perform better in the institutions they were in to resolve the issue. Generally, from the post, the problems generated are from the perspective of the learners' welfare regarding their differences in how they perform.

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To determine the issue, most things are supposed to be done differently in all the institutions involved. At first, the teachers are obligated to be well equipped with the skills required to impart education to the learners. For the students to perform better, the teachers are supposed to be committed to serving them all the time. More so, the curriculum materials are supposed to be as expected in quantity to suit every single learner.

For a school to perform better, different considerations should be prioritized (Eggen & Kauchak 2010). The government is obliged to ensure that the money they fund in education is only purposed to get enough materials to study. For the students to have a better performance, they don't need to rely on teachers when they are available much. More so, as a teacher, for the student to perform better, it will depend on the effort you have to administer education to them (Eggen & Kauchak 2010). That way, the quality of school will also be determined by teachers' quality through the efforts they have toward guiding their students. To improve education, the quality of teachers also need to be improved.

Do bonuses affect teacher staffing and student achievement in high-poverty schools?

Talking of a bonus, it is the number of funds accredited to an individual apart from the one they have been receiving to reward them for the excellent performance they have shown. The poverty schools include schools that cannot get enough resources for them to run on, just as some other schools do. In such schools, teachers struggle daily as they try to the fullest to ensure that the students here get everything despite the harsh conditions (Cowan & Goldhaber 2018). The teachers in these schools are left with limited options to make in between how they will study for their success with limited resources.

Once the bonus is allocated to these teachers in these kinds of centers, it is then clear that the schools will perform better than they do. The rewards given to the teacher will affect the staffing and the student's achievement in different ways. First, most of the teachers in poverty school are used to sacrifice just for the student's sake. In most cases, they lack a developed system for administering the school's learning due to a lack of finances (Cowan & Goldhaber 2018). In most cases, they sometimes delay classes and miss them due to a variety of issues, including lack of support, including teaching materials. Once the bonus is allocated to these teachers, most of them end up getting these materials just for the student's sake. By doing so, the students will have learning materials that will be enough for their studies. Besides, motivating the teachers with bonuses makes them add extra effort to impost education. That way, bonuses will positively affect teacher staffing and students' achievement in high poverty schools.


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