Patient-Centered Care. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-15
Patient-Centered Care. Free Essay Example
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Patient-centered care is the action of treating patients with respect, and dignity, and including them during decision-making concerning their health. Patient-centered care represents how medical practitioners, patients, and various stakeholders think about the healing and treatment processes. For instance, whenever patients are entirely informed, and treated with respect and trust arising from sharing the appropriate facts, they tend to feel empowered and take responsibility for the care within their control (McKeon et al, 2009). Teamwork in nursing is the joint effort between the independent teams to achieve a specific medical goal and the most significant results. Quality improvement in the healthcare sector involves systematic and continuous actions that promote measurable improvement in medical services provisions and the medical status of targeted patients. Therefore, the utilization of patient-centered care, teamwork, and quality improvement allows the nurses to provide quality services that improve the patients' health.

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Examples of Meeting Each KSA

According to QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses patient-centered care can be met by examining the medical insurance services used by patients such as Medicaid (“Quality and Safety Education for Nurses,” n.d). It makes health services affordable to every individual. Also, supporting patients through various physiological models such as therapies helps to minimize pain among the patients. Communicating the patients’ preferences and values to other members can help promote patient-centered care. Describing the limitations, values and strengths to the medical team promotes teamwork, and collaboration among the medical practitioners in the health sectors Therefore, for quality improvement, nurses can use data available to monitor the results obtained after the care processes and the improvement methods used in improving the quality of patients’ health.

How the Discussion Affects my Future in Nursing

Therefore, the discussion about patient-centered care, teamwork, and quality improvement be very beneficial to me. It will help me use the skills, knowledge, and attitude to improve patient care. Incorporating the KSA in offering health care will allow me to disseminate the health services appropriately.


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