Free Essay on the Most Important Values in Life

Published: 2022-12-05
Free Essay on the Most Important Values in Life
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Values in life are milestones that people consider very significant and determine how they live and work (Juul, 2012). They help you to define your priorities, and probably they are the measures you use to determine whether your life is how you want it to be. Basically, when your way of life aligns with your values, your life is generally good hence you feel satisfied with it (Juul, 2012). However, if the things you do and your behavior do not match with your personal values, then everything feels wrong. When your behavior does not match your personal values, you tend to be unhappy and this calls for a sensible effort to recognize the values in your life which are so important.

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Whether we identify values or not they naturally exist. However, our lives become better and less stressful when we acknowledge and honor our personal values. There are many values that we consider important and resonate with them (Gulla, 2010). The following three values are some of the most important values to live by and ones that you should consider passing along to your generation and everyone in your life. They include honesty, dignity, and love.


Honesty is a personal value. It connotes the moral character that upholds trustworthiness and sincerity (Juul, 2012). Honesty involves deciding, to tell the truth, to be content with what you have and not taking what is not yours, not to be a cheater or mislead anybody in any means even when you are able. Honest people have a great character which allows them to be of unlimited service to other people. Some Christians have associated honesty with greater service to God as well as blessings. If you are honest, your conscious will be clean thus you will live a peaceful and dignified life. Other people can also have faith in you easily.


Dignity is a universal value. It is the recognition and appreciation that human beings have a special value intrinsic to their nature and as such are worthy of respect simply because they are human beings (Juul, 2012). According to International Human Rights, each life has value, which is universal, inviolable, and inalienable. If you possess the human dignity you treat every person with respect regardless of their age, ability, status, gender, or ethnicity. The value of human dignity strongly affects how we view issues affecting the world (Gulla, 2010). For instance, the principle of human dignity affects how we see the society, how we support those people who are different from us and how we view gender equality and the line of action we take towards constitutional liberties disputes.


Finally, love does not mean merely war absence but a state of peace. We can say that if you want to become the most lovable person within your family or workplace you have to be dedicated, passionate and consistent in creating happiness, irrespective of life situation (Juul, 2012). The best way to be happy is to understand the value of love. Basically, without love, there is nothing to inspire you to do something or even be nice to people. Having the love of someone is important, because people are very sociable, and it is necessary to have close relationships with people you can always turn to. Thus love is more important than money.

Overall, anybody can accept and practice honesty, human dignity, and love under any circumstance. These values help us to decide what is right or wrong in a moral sense. We are all urged to practice these values and other important values in life so that we can be successful, live healthy, happy, and lead a trustworthy life.


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