Free Essay: Non-Conventional Practices in Healthcare

Published: 2022-03-09
Free Essay: Non-Conventional Practices in Healthcare
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Issues That Are Important to Assess

For individuals under both Milieu and CAM therapies simultaneously, their health care provider must consider the type of problem under treatment and the extent of damage it would cause on the patient if either therapy programs are abated (Baer, 2015). In the use of Milieu therapy, the healthcare provider must assess the legal, social, financial, cultural and medical benefits that administering such therapy services bestows on the patient's state of mind and body. The assessment of personal wellness is an essential aspect of CAM therapy, especially after the administration of medication as it provides an avenue for coming to terms with the state of things.

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How I Would Ask About the Use of These Non-Conventional Practices

Healthcare providers ought to comprehend both integrative and conventional forms of non-conventional therapy practices (Eijsink, Zeeman, Van Wijngaarden, Badings, & van' t Riet, 2015). However, the process of understanding the two must take both medical and cultural dimensions. Asking about these practices entails using questionnaires, individual interviews and social focus groups to collect information on the therapeutic practices previously used or currently under. For my clients, I have to involve close family and community members together with the clients' health care providers in a focus group discussion on the non-conventional practice to be used.

How to Avoid Medication Interactions and Polypharmacy

The best way to avoid both polypharmacy and medication interaction is to promote health education programs in the society. Such health programs lead to a well-informed population, especially on prominent health issues, and one that understands both conventional and contemporary medical procedures (Cooper, Cadogan, Patterson, Kerse, Bradley, & Ryan, 2016). For instance, Milieu therapy requires the assessment of the relationship between people and the environment. Such assessment helps in harmonizing associations and solving arising medical issues (Fava, 2016). Therapy in complementary alternative medications requires the assessment of social fundamentals and accessibility of financial benefits (Malchiodi & Crenshaw, 2015). Accessing CAM is cheaper, more reliable and faster compared to other forms of medications that cost patients vast sums of money.


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