Essay Example on the Impact of Social Media on Human Interactions

Published: 2020-11-26
Essay Example on the Impact of Social Media on Human Interactions
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Good morning Ladies and gentlemen. Let me take this auspicious and ceremonial opportunity to address one of the aspects that have not only affected the human relationship but has formed a platform in which people subject other individuals in horrible situations. The situation I am going to address in this occasion is the impact of social media on human interaction. It is within my belief that everybody on this occasion must have heard if not used about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, and others that I have not mentioned (Dijck, 2013). Therefore, in this regard I am not going to campaign against the use of social media but I am informing about the side effects it has on human interaction if not carefully handled. In fact, the traditional physical interaction of people is in jeopardy due to the emergence of this technological innovation.

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I have been a victim of the impact of the social media, and I assure if you have not fallen into this trap you must be a very lucky one. I happened to attend one of the best motivational talks by a famous speaker who talked about how youths can deal with several challenges they are facing currently. Surprisingly, nobody was listening as everybody was busy on the phone not calling but surfing. As it happens, the speaker asked some questions at the end of the talk and most people were unable to answer even a single question. It is in this event that I realized if people are no careful what is known to be of benefit can turn to distort the human culture.

Particularly, today the physical meeting and interaction has been forgotten. Relatives and friends take more than a year before seeing each other just because they can poke at each other and like ones profile picture in Facebook. People have lost the sense of humanity that was there a long time ago. The love is long gone since individuals are too busy to pay others a visit and discuss some of the imperative aspects of life. A study conducted by Dijck (2013) reveals that individuals between 17- 35 years of age are the leading group on social media. In this regard, youths are worried on how they appear to others. The fact that we are worried about how we appear to others in the digital society enhances superfluous stress to our lives.

Fellow brothers and sisters, I am in not any way disputing the benefits that that has been brought by the social media. I know it has increased the way we interact with others. Everybody knows that getting information or news is currently easy since people do not solely rely on television (Standage, 2013). All these benefits are very imperative in this era of technological emergence. However, we should not be turned into robots where the machine is performing everything.

To summarize, as much as the social media has a lot of benefits in our lives, excessive use of it is very dangerous to human social life. We should, therefore, use it in a manner that promotes our social interaction. Everything has its own time, and too much of something is dangerous. Therefore, we should know that we are losing real-life interaction and substituting it by depending on machines and robots to perform everything. Social media is affecting our physical adaptations and social skills. Thank you.


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