The Foundational Strengths of US Marine Corps - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-10
The Foundational Strengths of US Marine Corps - Free Paper Sample
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The Department of the Navy lists the core values that guide all officers in the department. The officers remain committed to the core values, including honor, courage, and commitment to establish leadership and trust foundation that describes officers’ strengths and which determine how they achieve victory. The above principles on the US Marine Corps and the US Navy were established to ensure they guide the officers even today.

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The United States Navy observes three main words that serve as core values to create a positive relationship with individuals, nations, and governments. They swear to the words honor, courage, and commitment. The words are perceived as fundamental for the Us Navy to be successful toward a key process of decision making in human lives’ management.

Honor is one of the three words which describes an absolute decision on its own. It involves the decisions that incorporate the action to value other individuals and oneself with devotion. The United States Navy defines honor core value as a word where the officers swear to bear true allegiance and faith (Department of the Navy, 2020). It describes how the US navy members swear to behave, especially in the highest ethical manner across all relationships with superiors, peers, and subordinates. The US Navy members are expected to act with honesty and remain truthful in all their dealings with one another. They also must behave the same with other people outside the Navy. The United States Navy observes the ethical code of honor through the provision of life-saving and changing operations and responsibilities across the world.

The US Navy understands that they remain accountable for their personal and professional conduct. Therefore, they remain mindful of the privilege they have to serve the populations. The honor aspect requires the US Navy to abide by the uncompromising integrity code. They take full responsibility for actions that an officer does and maintain their word. They must always make honest recommendations to their peers and seniors, and seek to access honest recommendations, especially from the junior personnel. Honor Code of ethics requires the US Navy to promote new ideas and always deliver incidences of bad news forthrightly. All members are expected to meet their ethical and legal responsibilities in their personal and public life.


The US Navy notes that with the ethical code of honor, they establish comradeship. In contrast, the comradeship developed allows them to build courage. Courage is described as a moral or mental strength to persevere, venture, and face any fear, danger, or challenge (Department of the Navy, 2020). The United States Navy defines courage, where they swear to support and defend. As a result, the US Navy depicts courage to fulfill the demands of their profession and meet the mission when it appears demanding, hazardous, or otherwise challenging.

Courage requires the US Navy to make decisions and ultimately act in the Department of the Navy’s best interest. It also requires acting in the best interest of the country regardless of personal repercussions. The US Navy needs to overcome the challenges they may face while at the same time observing the highest standards of individual decency and conduct. Courage is also a code of ethics that requires the US Navy to remain loyal to their country. Loyalty can be achieved by ensuring that the resources entrusted to them are utilized in a careful, honest, and efficient manner.

The spirit of courage is regarded as effort and strength in teamwork. The ethical courage of a senior to make the right decision is regarded as equally courageous as the individuals the senior employs to observe the given decision courageously. Resourcefulness and maneuverability of courage serve in educating an improved knowledge of varying tasks that ought to be experienced.

Trust is a key aspect that enables a team to plan and look ahead easily. It permits the team to nurture a trust relationship among individuals impacted by the team’s actions, such as civilians or other administrations.


The United States Navy describes the word commitment as to where members swear to obey orders. They always demand respect both up and down the chain of command in the Navy. They also remain committed to caring for the professional, safety, individual and spiritual well-being of the population (Department of the Navy, 2020). Commitment describes the principle structure of fervent virtue and moral value. It includes a duty to others, declaration, and to oneself. The ethical code of commitment defines courage and honor of ethical codes. The United States Navy commits to honor and courage by remaining responsible for any given plan or task without regard to the repercussion. The US Navy understands that all decisions made remain to be commitments to improve or save the life of others.

The daily responsibility of all members in the Department of Navy involves joining together as team members to enhance their work quality, their people, and themselves. Therefore, the US Navy swears to promote respect, especially across the chain of command. Respect must be upheld both to the seniors, peers, and subordinates. The commitment code of ethics guides US Navy to care for the spiritual and personal well-being of its people. It also requires them to depict respect toward all individuals regardless of religion, race, or gender of the people. The code of ethics requires the US Navy to always ensure they strive to achieve positive transformation and individual enhancement.

The words honor, courage, and commitment do not only describe core values in the US Navy. They also include a code of ethics that the US Navy performs every day. They include the words of individual and political survival. The behaviors of the US Navy via conduction and actions involve direct representations of the institution and themselves. Besides, they measure the performances that enable the population to trust the United States Navy organization. It allows them to keep a positive and long-lasting relationship the organization has endured since it was established.


The US Navy is guided by three core values, including honor, courage, and commitment. Honor requires one to stand tall and care about their impression on other people. Courage is required both during the battle and when required to do the right thing. People should always see the US Navy as a role model based on their courage. Commitment is also a core value of the US Navy that expects members to remain committed to their family, shipmates, to themselves and their responsibilities. Soldiers are required to show up to the duty section muster for assessment and updating personal information.


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