Free Essay about Ecological Levels of Analysis in Psychology

Published: 2022-03-04
Free Essay about Ecological Levels of Analysis in Psychology
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The multiple environmental levels of analysis model play a significant role in psychology. The model offers a robust framework for identifying critical issues about a health condition at various levels. The primary objective of developing the model was to assist in the clarification of possible concerns and facilitate the development of interventional approaches at the community level. The model consists of five distinct but interrelated levels of analysis namely individuals, microsystems, organizations, localities, and macro-systems. A practical application of these levels of analysis requires a more in-depth understanding of the main contextual factors or issues examined in the topic.

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In an article by Harris et al. (2017) reporting on workplace social support available to veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder, an array of social and workplace issues was open to interpretation. One of the issues identified in the article was that low workplace social support results in job dissatisfaction among veterans. It was found that veterans who received social support in the workplace registered higher job satisfaction compared to those who did not receive workplace social support. The veterans reported having access to task support and effective communication in the workplace, thereby validating the importance of communication and task support.

Another issue distinguished in the article is that lack of individual social support systems such as empowerment, community resources, and social-emotional competence lead to job dissatisfaction. It was claimed that veterans who had access to collegial support and career mentoring reported increased job satisfaction with few instances of anxiety (Harris et al., 2017). The findings ascertained that collegial support is a significant predictor of job satisfaction among veterans with PTSD symptoms in the workplace. The abovementioned issues were analyzed because of the multiple ecological analysis levels.

The first ecological level focuses on individuals and the influence of their choices of setting shapes them and vice versa (Kloos et al., 2012). The article demonstrated that individuals who attended career mentoring and coaching sessions improved their job satisfaction than those who failed to turn up for the programs. Along with a similar line, individuals who sought task support were satisfied with their work and stayed longer on the job. The consensus view is that the management may not know the challenges individuals face with a particular task unless they make an effort to seek support because mutual task support may invoke a lot of procedures.

The next level is the microsystem level with which individuals continually engages in direct contact. This level provides individuals with an opportunity to build interpersonal interactions and play social roles and exist as a source of support or burden (Kloos et al.,2012). The perception that veterans with low job satisfaction have severe PTSD symptoms played a microsystem role in empowering the victims. They could seek task support and attend training on social-emotional competence. The organizational level features structural support systems that enable individuals to identify and define themselves. The article mentioned collegial support services available to the veterans.

Additionally, the localities level exists as a combination of organizations and microsystems that are significantly connected to the geographical location. Localities play a pivotal role in considering cultural norms and standards. An example from the article is the clinic that served as a rehabilitation center. The macrosystems level involve importantly large groups of people that exercise direct control by promoting policy and ideologies (Harris et al.,2017). The article has highlighted rehabilitation programs and involvement in hospital management in mentoring and coaching.


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