Essay Sample on the Effect Being a Single Parent in the United States

Published: 2019-09-24
Essay Sample on the Effect Being a Single Parent in the United States
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Recent studies have shown that there has been drastic as well as rapid in the number of single parents in the United States. In fact, the situation of being a single parent may no longer be seen as the non-traditional families. Recent reports by the United States Bureau shows that one parent just heads more than 30 percent of American households and this a worrying statistics. In essence, single parent families have been approximated to around 12 million as since the turn of the new century. Due to the increased growth of single parents in the United States landscapes, the interest to establish the effects that such single parent families have on the wellbeing of the children. Several studies have attempted to expose the influence or even the impact that single parent have on the child in the US as well as that particular parent (Bronniman, 2010).

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Several research topics have been done on this aspect of being single parents in the United States. Many studies show that a good number of single parents experience undue stress and that depression is due to the need to provide financially for the family synchronously with caring for the home in manners traditionally seen by women and men in parenting. The aim of the survey was to find out if single parents experience stress and if that stress influences the ability to provide the quality childcare.

Therefore, the hypothesis of the study is, the stress experienced by single parents influences the quality of childcare. Hence, this kind of study needs a well- established research methodology to establish the objectives of the study. Selecting the correct research method is vital to every researcher since it aids in tackling the questions and answers them rightly. Therefore, the research approach embarked in this research was structured to ascertain the potential stress of single parents and the influence on childcare. A personal data sheet was to extract from information participants, and to respond to the study questions. Furthermore, the survey instrument for the study was distributed to single parents with students in various schools. This was useful in establishing the correlation single parents have to provide financially for the children.

The study has some variables and the dependent variable in this scenario encompass the quality childcare. The single parents stress also is may be independent and or dependent variable since it shall also influence the child, both indirectly or directly.

The research design is helpful since it configures the fundamental design of the study. There are exploratory, casual, and quantitative research designs. Descriptive design deliberates precise functionality or situation of the problem to find a suitable answer. Exploratory design deals with the investigation of a given problem or just an issue grounded in available data from the field. Casual design ascertains factors for the cause of accurate correlation. The study employed quantitative research design since data can be presented in the numerical form as well as evaluated statistically. There is also the chance to describe and to check relationships as well as to analyze the cause-and-impacts and the links between variables.

Furthermore, the method utilizes logical reasoning, where the investigator formulates a hypothesis, assembles data for the study of the problem, finally applies the data from the research, after an inquiry is made as well as conclusions are pooled, to verify if the hypotheses are false or true.


Bronniman, S. (2010). The stress of single mothers and its effect on quality child care. Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences.

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