Education Essay Example: The Demanding Process of University Admission

Published: 2019-11-18
Education Essay Example: The Demanding Process of University Admission
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Admission in university or tertiary level of education follows a prescribed process with conditions on the qualification of the applicant who is fresh comrades from high schools. Generally, education systems vary as one move from one country to another and in different continent. This variation in systems of educations because differences in admission procedures and requirement in various places Qualification to join most of the universities are always based on merit and setting cut off points to pursue a given course. During admission several factors are look into and when our met all the requirement, he or she get a place to pursue his or her dream course. Some countries have set bodies, which issue exams and provide the results for the students. Some of these bodies set a central point in which they do placement of student of choice to the student through provision of fair placement across all the universities. This is majorly done to government-sponsored students.

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Types of Admission forms

This the form that one fills when he or she is applying for a course in a given university. The admission form consists of blank parts that an applicant feed in information describing him or her. The admission form and format changes in various universities depending on rank, type of course to be pursued, and nature of application. They are of three types. There is an admission form for application to a group of universities in overseas and is always filled to by foreign students, there is a type designed for a particular university in specific having its logo, vision, mission and motto. The last type is based on a group of two universities amalgamating to offer a unique course. The applicant gives information like name, date of birth, previous academic performance, nationality and many other.

What University admissions Involve

University admission is carried out in the most honest way all over the world. Student start by rating universities, which they want to be admitted through considering their preferences. The University admission is done purely on merit whereby if you fail to meet such a condition you have no way but to go to a lesser university.

Attain Tertiary Education through UC admission

University of California (UC) receives the largest number of new student as they also receive the largest application forms from various part of the world. The student admitted are placed not only in their central headquarter but also in their nine campuses across the globe. These campuses are located in places with varying climatic condition and different geographical place, which some student cannot adapt to when admitted.

A Fundamental Glance at Undergraduate Admission

During admission undergraduates are required to unveil their high school grades for them to be offered a chance in public universities. Those that have not reach the cut off points get admitted to do less competitive course and some afford to pay for parallel courses in private universities. Undergraduate admission is done in a system to ensure that there is a well distribution across the universities.

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