The Baptist Faith, Essay Example in Religion

Published: 2019-05-29
The Baptist Faith, Essay Example in Religion
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Baptists are people who encompass a group of churches and Christian denominations that subscribe to a creed that baptism should be done only for confessing (believers baptism and not infant baptism). Baptist faith should be performed by comprehensive immersion (as contrasting to sprinkling or effusion). Other doctrines of Baptist churches comprise salvation through solitary faith, scripture alone, and liberty as the law of practice and faith as well as the autonomy of the native congregation. Baptists know two ministerial offices, deacons and pastors. Baptist basilicas are broadly regarded to be Protestant churches, by individual Baptists recent identity.

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They believe in the edicts of Heaven, Trinity, and Hell. Astonishingly Mary never has a distinct position in the religion of the Baptist. They do not teach the postulation of Mary since she is regarded as the mother of Jesus. Due to their trust Saints, they certainly do not label saints since they believe entirely in Gods salvation. Distinct to Christianity, Baptists never have Cardinals and bishops. Their religion has a lot to do with loose structure compared to the Catholic faith. Again, there are five other pillars to understand Baptist faith. The five pillars include finding the history of the Lord, the certainty in the never terminating Gods kingdom, the gospels of Mark and Matthew, the revelation of gospel of Paul, and the Gospels of John and Luke. Baptists also trust that they have four titles; Son of God, Son of Man, Son of David, and Son of Abraham. For instance, I asked a friend of mine what an individual in the Baptist religion should act to create their journey to paradise. He answered by stating Declare with your mouth, trust in your soul that Christ died for us and demonstrated compassion and love. Again, people should receive communion and get baptism. He added, We are typically born sinners and are God saved us.

The Ceremonies that they possess are Bread and the Fruit of the Vine, which are ceremonial bread and grape juice respectively. In the Baptist faith, there is also interfaith communion, where anyone obliged to receive. To most Baptists, the reparation of communion is further symbolic than that of the Catholics trust. I got it fascinating that confession and marriage are never sacraments in believe. The Baptists never have a particular form of the bible but mostly uses the King James Version of the Scripture and the New King James Version are also used. Occasionally, they never use the Bibles that are usually utilized for the Catholic faith. The proper way to a Baptist Sunday Service include devotion, choir, congregational prayers, an invitation to join the church, sermon, responsive readings, offerings, and special announcements.

They get communion by the Eucharistic ministers and Priest walking it down to the isles as he distributes. The Holy Communion is given to every saved person. As specified in the blood and body of Christ is very figurative to the Baptists faith. For one to become a pastor in the church, you should pass through summits with the Pastor, and then you perform a test oration at a mass and then start from that very point. Deacon roles include helping the church society, distributing communion, and participation in the piety in mass. The Deacons preach during the sermons, though are restricted to supporting the Pastor in baptism and dispensing communion. Deacons are confirmed every year.

During the interview with my best friend of mine, I came to learn some few things that make them different to catholic in terms of the sacrament. The differences and commonalities that I determined during the interview showed that the Sacraments are dissimilar than that of the Catholic faith. The Catholic Church has seven sacraments that include the baptism, confirmation, penance, Eucharist, extreme unction, Holy orders, and then marriage. On the other hand, Baptist faith the solitary sacraments that are known are Eucharist and baptism. The comparison of the Baptist faith is made here with that of the Catholic to bring out a clear picture of the since the two faiths always seems alike. Most people feel that Baptist and Catholic are one thing, and that is where the sense of confusion comes in. A Clear picture of how Baptist faith is now seen when comparisons are made. In the Catholic religion, there is the honor of the spiritual heroes of saints. Spiritual heroes are those people who we identify as so sacred and have faith, which they devoted their life to Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the Baptists dont indeed label saints since they believe everyone is saved.

In conclusion, the Baptist faith is essential to their believers and from the essay is evident that every faith has its doctrines that govern them. Different from their establishment, those ascertaining as Baptists currently differ widely from others in what they worship, how they believe, their outlooks toward some Christians, and their comprehension of what is essential in regard to Christian discipleship. They have different ways that they conduct their services that are entirely different to the Catholic faith.

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