The "A-Team" Truthfully Representing Your Company. Free Essay

Published: 2023-08-28
The "A-Team" Truthfully Representing Your Company. Free Essay
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Employees must fulfill the tasks assigned to them by the employer. Companies are involved in different activities that require the application of specific as well as a combination of various skills. The role of the employee is to ensure that they use their professional and acquired abilities in performing various assigned tasks within and outside the firm. Therefore, the worker should put the priorities of the company first above all other issues. Consequently, managerial functions such as reshuffles and new allocations are valid since the management is fully aware of the abilities of every employee.

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Being a part of a team is a clear indicator that one has all it takes to make a difference in the given task. For instance, advertisement requires a combination of creative ideas as well as the application of technological knowledge. The participants in such a position require to be equipped with special skills such as advancement in technological applications to help in using the right captions for capturing the attention of the target consumers. Companies ensure that they are well equipped with such personalities to aid in this function when the need arises. Therefore, advertisement combines both functional and intellectual abilities to produce quality pieces.

Eric Madsen, as an employee, should fulfill the duty assigned to him by the authorities. He has a record of having unique presentation skills that the management terms as strongholds for the company. The task at hand is that of advertisement mainly requiring the use of technology to reach the people and present the company offers. Madsen has no experience in this field whatsoever. His placement in the team is an indication that despite his inability to offer technological support, his presentation skills and ideas are critical in making this activity successful. Therefore, his placement is crucial, and in order.

The successful performance of Choi and Barrow Advertising can be attributed in a way to the previous activity in which Madsen took part. Madsen owes his employer the loyalty of performing to his best in the sectors where his skills are needed. As such, his priority should always be that of achieving the company goals first by using every skill that he has acquired so far without neglecting his duty. This call applies in all fields as regards the company operations either through actions or provision of ideas. Therefore, his presence and allocation in the advertisement team is an indication that he has all it takes to help in making Find-It attain its goal.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the interests and performances of a person before allocating them to a new department. Madsen’s expertise is primarily in presentations and not technologically related. The management ought to sensitize every stakeholder in the new task and ensure that they are up to speed in providing their skills. The participation of Madsen may be compromised by his inability to operate under the veil of technology. His preparedness in providing his skills is shadowed by the other experts in the team since they have a clearer picture of how they are expected to operate. He, on the other hand, seems clueless about what to offer at this stage.

In conclusion, Choi and Barrow Advertising must provide the best service to Find-It owing to its current legacy. The employees in this company have a duty to fulfill this task by being at their best in performance. Similarly, Madsen has the obligation of considering the priorities of the company and be in the frontline in providing ideas and any other necessary support to the team. The concept of teamwork is necessary at this point to ensure that the company produces the best results for its client. Therefore, Madsen needs to give his best as his presentation skills matters in this platform.

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