Free Essay Dedicated to the 2018 Texas Election Cycle

Published: 2022-09-26
Free Essay Dedicated to the 2018 Texas Election Cycle
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This year's Texas election cycle is soon approaching in the date 6th of November. The election is scheduled for federal, state and county officers. According to the National Governors Association (NGA), the constitution guides the relationship between the two levels of governments. The incumbent leaders in Texas are Ted Cruz for the Senate while we have Greg Abbott as the governor. Both the candidates are eying reelection again in the forthcoming election. The two leaders are both members of the Republican Party. In this essay, we are going to discuss the election cycle in Texas this year as we compare the two levels of government.

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The NGA further indicates that there has been a tussle for superiority between the state and the federal governments in that the governors view the federal authority for going past their limits as per the constitution. (p2). The state authority through their association therefor drafted some balance checks for the federal authority so as to enable an ample cooperation between the two levels governments. Some of the conditions issued by the governors included; the federal government should not interfere with the revenues from the states through the Congress, they should also preserve the standards of the states.

Based on Article 2 of the Texas Constitution on separation of powers among the legislature, judiciary and the executive states that: "The powers of the government of the state shall be divided into three distinct departments, each shall be confined to a separate body of magistracy to wit: Those whichare legislative to one; those that are executive to another, and those that are judicial to another; and no persons being of one of these departments, shall exercise any power properly attached to either of the others, except in the instances herein expressly permitted. This thereby implies that the three arms of government will have their distinct roles according to their areas of specialization hence separation of power.

This year has three candidates for the governorship seat; the public participation has got a great role to play in this. Depending on (the ancient civilization), public opinions can lead to dethroning of a leader in a given post of leadership. The political party in which a candidate use also has an important role to them. Referring to the Boston Globe, the Democrats are having an upper hand to win the election come to the date

The Democrats candidates; Lupe Valdez and Beto O'Rourke who are poised to clinch the seats of the Gubernatorial and Senate respectively are the candidates to put in a bet in. this is based on the recent Obama's campaign in Gary for his political party's ideologies. According to the former head of the states, he urged the people to vote in hope citing that the other party which the current President Trump subscribes to is full of selflessness. (CBS News). The States Election Cycle is an election carried out in the midterm of the presidential election like this year. The two forms of governance have a distinction in their boundaries of ruling and carries out their authorities as per their jurisdictions. This is maintained in order to help in separation of power as explained above.

Describe state and local political systems and their relationship with the federal government

The government of Texas mainly operates under the regulations of the Texas state and it entails the unity state democratic type of government which operates under the presidential system. The Texas legislative system is said to be bicameral in that the Texas main house is represented by 150 members while the Senate is composed of 31members. The current Texas politics greatly targets the Latino votes as it is seen to play a very important role in the outcome of the election(Warsaw, 2006). The Latino is now considered to be a very diverse group and they are growing and increasingly becoming a very important part of the electorate especially in Texas and therefore the candidates are reaching out to them through odds to ensure that they capture their votes. In the federal government considers the main point of interest is whether the United State government will be at a position to drive the polls and the California government can give a clue to this analysis(Warsaw, 2006). The sweeping anti-immigration laws that that was set fourth greatly sent the California Latinos to the poles and this could automatically repeat itself in the Texas election and thus stand a chance of determining the outcome of the upcoming election (Warsaw, 2006).

Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of Texas government

The Texan legislation is considered to be bicameral due to the fact that the main house contains almost 150 member's representation and 31 representation only in the senate-house. The speaker presides over the operation of the main house while the Lieutenant governor has the power to preside over the Senate and its function (Connolly, Jennifer M. et al). The legislature is considered to be a very strong arm of the Texas government in that it demands the state government and a strong constitutional connection between the two houses.

The judicial system within Texas State is considered to be very competitive having a reputation as one of the most complex judicial systems in the United States and contain various layers of many overlapping jurisdictions(Cohen, 2007). The Texas judicial system has two major courts that are the Texas Supreme Court which is best fitted to hear all the civil cases and the Texas court of criminal appeal. The entire member belonging to the Supreme Court and the Texas court of criminal appeals are all elected from the statewide (Cohen, 2007). The executive system of the Texas government consists of the lieutenant governor, the governor, attorney general, comptroller of the public account, the land commissioner and the agriculture commission. It has a plural executive branch system of the government that significantly limits the power of the governor(Cohen, 2007).

Evaluate the role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties in Texas

The collection and determination of the public opinion which is carried out through the polling process and interviews are one of the most significant factors of the American political culture(Cohen, 2007). Almost all the politicians' wants to know what the public view is and the campaign managers are also interested to know and understand how the public will vote and thus public opinion plays a very important role in the Texas government.

The main aim and goal of the political parties in the United States that is the republicans and the democrats are to elect leaders and to form the government and this is what distinguishes them from the other groups. Even though the two political parties that are the Democrats and the Republicans work differently they both work hard to achieve the same electoral end and objectives(Connolly, Jennifer M. et al). The parties play a very important in developing and promoting a democratic government and this is really significant as it entails a lot about the opinion of the general citizens.

The interest groups, on the other hand, are said to be a group of people or a collection of individuals who have a shared goal that influences the public policy and are a little bit different from the political parties in that they do not run their own political candidate. The interest groups always have a function of speaking on behalf of the group that they represent for example .the NAACP speaking on behalf of the African Americans.

Analyze the state and local election process

According to (Connolly, Jennifer M. et al)The electoral system of Texas mainly explains the methods by which the elections are conducted whether the officers are elected through the single winner or the multi-winner system. In Texas, the representatives and the Senate are elected single winner contest through the use of the plurality voting system. The executing system which includes the governor and also the attorney general who is elected through plurality voting system of the single winner system

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