Essay Sample on Technologically Savvy Project Managers: Communication Skills & Video Conferencing

Published: 2023-11-24
Essay Sample on Technologically Savvy Project Managers: Communication Skills & Video Conferencing
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Properly trained skills in communication techniques play a major role in ensuring that the technologically savvy project manager is ready to express the current state of any organization or company. Sharing information with other stakeholders assists the manager to elaborate more on the budget and set processes following the intentions of such an organization. There are several ways through which video conferencing affects the communication skills for the technologically savvy project manager.

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First, there is a stronger connection among the far-flung teams due to its visual nature, hence beating the effect of telephone calls as well as plain messages. The manager is, therefore, able to connect to the correspondents thus making the most relative decisions following the organization's plan. Group reformation skills are vital for the technologically savvy project manager while relating to other stakeholders. Rather than working in silos, the videoconferencing technology assists the whole panel to connect hence inflicting the feeling of working in harmony (2020). Secondly, there is a cost minimization that is attached to the videoconferencing technology. The costs that could have been incurred in the course of travel expenses can easily be saved. The manager can therefore learn how to manage resources to address the main objective of the organization.

Similar Videoconferencing Products

There are various features owned by different video conferencing products and which differentiate the functioning of each product. Microsoft Teams can be explained by itself to be a part of office 365, despite acquiring its features as a unit. On the other hand, the GoToMeeting tool assists with hosting long and large meetings by managing the number of participants in the meetings. One major difference between the two platforms is the number of people allowed to be hosted within the meeting. Microsoft teams have an allowance of three hundred people for a particular meeting, a number that is higher than that hosted by GoToMeeting tool at a count of two hundred and fifty. Innovativeness is also a major aspect of technology. Therefore, there is a noticeable difference between the two products in terms of the rate of innovativeness. , GoToMeeting tool has recently released the latest version in 2019 where Microsoft teams follow by far. There is a trial period for every product which should be part of an agreement between the organization and manger. The free period of use is also a welcoming influence to the user if experiences the updated and interesting features of the products.

Project Managers’ Plans

There is much more enhancement made to the plans used by other project managers' through the intervention of videoconferencing. In a plan concerned with audio communication, the technology can assist to include more participants hence increasing the effectiveness of such a plan. Also, the plan can increase the inter-understanding among users through clearer and more intriguing discussions over video (2020). Therefore, modern technology can facilitate better communication among stakeholders, thus succeeding in meeting a success.

On the other hand, technology would rather assist in a plan that requires a physical meeting. Saving on the time, transport, as well as other relative costs, is a major contribution to the plan. As so, instead of having physical interaction, the technology can be employed to bring faces together in a similar way to a conference.


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