Essay Sample: Targeting the Premium Dog Market

Published: 2022-12-07
Essay Sample: Targeting the Premium Dog Market
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The introduction of the video places major focus and emphasis on the growing pet market. We are told that pet owners spend more on their pets compared to movies, games and video games combined. They back this information by quoting research done by the American Kennel Club which found that the amount of money dog owners spend on their dogs is estimated to be 2500 dollars annually. The video also states that companies that have specialized in an area and have a niche increased their bottom lines in comparisons to companies that had not specialized.

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From the video it is evident that the success of the company can be achieved by conducting market research, selecting a target market and finding a product that specifically meets the needs of the target market. Markets are divided into two, mass market and target or specialized markets. Complete Natural Nutrition does not focus on the mass market but on a target market of pet owners who want the best for their dogs, which is a market that has not been fully exploited or is being underutilized. Complete Natural Nutrition did just that, they found their niche in trying to be the world's healthiest treat company provider by targeting pet owners who want premium products for their dogs.

The focus and specialization of premium dog food by Complete Market Nutrition is ingenious because every person wants to believe that they are doing the absolute best for their dog. Case in point my service dog Herbie, whom I would go out of my way to get premium products for. Their focus is on people who regard their dogs as being members of their family. The major importance of their marketing design which is specialization is that it enables them to have limited competition and premium price their products. They focus on the ingredients and only include one or two ingredients. They even term dog owners as pet parents, the estimated number of premium pet owners in the United States is 17 million. The company places its focus on the following categories of premium pet owners' single professionals, dual-income couples with no kids and empty nesters who have no children at home. This group of persons has the time and income to take care of their dogs.

The psychographics that is used is not dependent on income but on the psychological advantage of having the dog which is the companionship provided and the dogs being members of their families. By focusing on the psychological aspect, the pets are treated much differently. For example, the level of care improves from grooming to insurance policies. Therefore, all dimensions need to be focused on both demographically and psychologically. Busy pet owners cannot be left out of the bandwagon with the introduction of dog sitting. Selective distribution has also helped the company since their products are sold in special outlets called specialist boutique stores. Complete Natural's competitive advantages are honesty and healthy dog products; they also undertake to educate everybody within their channel on their products. Their focus is on quality and not the price of the products. They also include veterinary doctors in their decision-making process who have validated their products making them have a competitive edge. They understand the psychological relationship between the pets and family also the demographics thus cashing in on "Doggy love".

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