Studying Techniques Essay Example

Published: 2017-06-12
Studying Techniques Essay Example
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With education at the forefront of my mind, it gets difficult juggling life around that. The school takes a mental toll and many times I want a break and put off the assignments until I feel motivated enough to get them completed. Typically done by time constraints. Doing so often leads to more stress, therefore over the years I have been developing a plan of execution and I am always adjusting it. I have spent countless hours looking for advice on google, peers, and professors. I take the pieces I like and what work for me. Trial and error is necessary because there is no right way to study or a method to rule them all. It imperative to find what works for oneself and build from there. It is far from a perfect process but it is continuously evolving to work for me.

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Finding techniques to make myself study came down to finding my weaknesses. I must give myself different options and strategically plan my studying. I am a perpetual procrastinator that becomes easily distracted. To battle this, I break up my weekly assignments and quizzes to tackle it in pieces. I dedicate around sixty to ninety minutes a day to studying. To make studying more interesting, I will switch the topics I study about which helps with my attention span. This prevents mental fatigue and I have found that if I must go over the ninety minutes I can do so. I have also incorporated a reward method. After completing a study session, I will reward myself by partaking in a task or event I enjoy. Typically, this involves a physical activity which also boosts my mental status. When it`s crunch time and I am studying for a test or attempting to crank out a paper I will take away as many distractions possible. I will move my studying to a quiet location, particularly my school library. The environment plays a crucial role in my studying. It is easily controlled and manipulated. I will shut off all electronic devices to prevent further distractions. A final key to make myself study is to incorporate the Pomodoro Technique where I dedicate a specific time interval to work followed by a short break. This is great for when I am feeling drained because the breaks allow a quick recharge.

These techniques, used in combination, have allowed me to be a more successful student. I no longer dread five-hour long study sessions or pulling all-nighters. It has also provided better balance within my life. By breaking down my studying I have also made it more enjoyable. I feel I get more out of my time and learn material more efficiently. The options I have created for myself make me study but also give me the flexibility necessary for everyday life. I also understand what may work for me now may not necessarily work for me in future courses. I adapt each semester per class and what may be happening in my day-to-day activities. Studying is a dreadful task but the practical techniques I have come up for myself has provided great results thus far.

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