Free Essay: Successful Student Reflection

Published: 2023-09-03
Free Essay: Successful Student Reflection
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Every learner's goal and desires are usually inclined to achieving success. Success does not come out from anywhere but through hard work and determination from the learner, which is on a daily basis as well as a consistent and continuous routine. Therefore, due to this, there are multiple strategies that students need to adopt and implement for them to achieve their respective success. One crucial task or strategy to adopt has to deal with effective note-taking. Students should always be prepared to take notes, actively listen, watch, read, & participate, record their information, and review their notes as all these comes with it successful learning process ("Chapter 7: Taking Effective Notes", 2020).

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Learning Styles or Preferences

In the Dunn & Dunn Model, there are five categories of learning preferences, but for the sake of this paper, the focus is on the twenty-one styles of which will be highlighted ("Successful Student Reflection Assignment.pdf", 2020). Under the environmental category, the styles include sound, light, temperature, and design. Sound is concerned with if the student is comfortable studying in noisy environments or silent ones. Noise can be in the form of music or television sounds where the student develops the preference on which environment best fits him or her (noise or silence). Light, on the other hand, has to do with brightness, that is dim light or brighter light of which the preference of the student or any reader will be between the two situations. Temperature is concerned with coldness and warmness of the environment, that is, whether the learner is comfortable studying in warm or cold weather conditions. Based on the design, this has to do with the luxury of the tools available to the learner, such as couches, beds, or overstuffed chairs, desks or carrels. The preference in such a case will be based on where the learner finds more comfortable to study from ("Successful Student Reflection Assignment.pdf", 2020).

Another category involves physiology. Under this, there are four styles of learning; these are perceptual, intake, time of the day, and mobility from ("Successful Student Reflection Assignment.pdf", 2020). Perceptual has to do with a person’s five senses, that is visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, & taste. Each of these senses has a role to play in each individual’s learning or studies. The intake, on the other hand, has to do with the comfort each person has while studying or rather that one thing that will help that particular individual to concentrate more while studying, for example, one will find it more interesting to study while he or she is munching on snacks. Time of the day deals with that specific hour of the day that an individual prefers to study more compared to other hours, for example, one will find it easier and enjoying to study during night hours than day hours while others will find it more enjoyable during the daytime rather than night hours. Mobility, on the other hand, involves motions that a person makes while studying, that is, whether one is seated, is there that constant motion that he or she makes or if they can comfortably sit for long hours without even fidgeting from ("Successful Student Reflection Assignment.pdf", 2020).

The last category (in this case) involves psychology. The psychological category includes global or analytical and reflective or impulsive learning styles. Under global or analytic style, it involves an individual’s strength at seeing things in depth or details and taking them apart as well as seeing things in a bigger picture and analyzing how they best fit together. The preference comes from both of the two situations where one can be good at one situation while the other on the opposite perspective of viewing things. On the other hand, reflective or impulsive style involves whether a person or learner does things on a whim or rather they prefer larger contexts, their meanings as well as implications of the actions or experiences. The two styles under the psychological category are crucial in self-success as they reveal the best or stronger part or self of an individual from ("Successful Student Reflection Assignment.pdf", 2020).

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies

These strategies are based on two researchers, that is Zimmerman and Pons who found a correlation between the use of learning strategies as well as a high achievement which are essentially self-regulated learning strategies. From their interview, they highlighted fourteen categories of these strategies, some of which will be highlighted here. The first strategy is the self-evaluation which is a crucial one for every learner. Adoption of such a strategy will help the learner to initiate evaluations of the quality of their already-done works successfully. This will involve activities such as successful proofreading of the works or mathematical problems more than once ("Zimmerman and Pons Self-Directed/Self-Regulated Learning Strategies", 2020).

Secondly, seeking information is another crucial strategy to adopt as a learner. This involves students initiating efforts towards securing of further task information from nonsocial sources, including literary ones during their attempt to solve problems or assignments. For example, before one starts working on any assignment, it is recommended that they first visit libraries to research on their topic for more information relevant for their success. Finally, we have the third strategy (for this case) as keeping records and monitoring. In this case, students or learners are urged to keep records of their previous grades, results or events including discussion notes as well as keep track of their respective class grades. This is important, especially on a continuous improvement perspective as the student will know whether he or she is making progress ("Zimmerman and Pons Self-Directed/Self-Regulated Learning Strategies", 2020).

Multiple Intelligence

According to Gardner, there are eight ways through which persons may be categorized as smart ("Successful Student Reflection Assignment.pdf", 2020). These eight ways are verbal or linguistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalist, musical or rhythmic, bodily or kinesthetic, visual or spatial, and logical or mathematical. Of these ways or strategies, the logical or mathematical strategy turns out to be the best or rather the most preferent. This strategy is crucial, especially in solving of complex academic problems as well as tricky life situations. It is with the reasoning that, this strategy involves critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation of different case scenarios to reach out on the best of the options available or rather to reach out on a neutral point that will be favourable and most comfortable to take.


From the above learning strategies and styles as well as intelligence perspectives of the learner, it is important also to have an understanding of how each person's memory process such as encoding, storing, and retrieval of information. All these are crucial towards the successful implementation of the strategies mentioned above. Another essential point to note is how one is capable of remembering information which involves the sensory memory, short-term or working memory, as well as long-term memory of which each person has their own which they should know where they lie. Moreover, it is important that students or learners not to view studies as tasks they have to do but rather as opportunities they have to exploit since studying is a metacognitive process involving careful thinking about learning. Therefore, they should plan & organize, monitor their progress, and evaluate their results & adjust accordingly.


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