Essay Sample on Leadership Skills Assessment

Published: 2019-05-27
Essay Sample on Leadership Skills Assessment
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From my results within this sheet I have scored very low. My task score is thirty and my relationship score is thirty six.

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I rarely tell group members what they are supposed to do. Sometimes I set standards of performance for group members and I sometimes get good results from this. On problem solving I am one of the best, in fact this is one thing that I find rewarding. I have mixed responses when faced with a situation where I am required to make clear my stand on a controversial matter. I like to plan ahead so the group usually benefits from this skill of mine. I normally define roles and define my own, giving criteria, and encouraging members to stay put and focused on what should be happening in order to give high quality work.

My relationship score gives a good description on what is expected of any student. That is to score higher in relationship than tasks. I am a friendly person and I believe in putting others first before myself though I dont practice this much. I give heed to suggestions made by others fairly well. I am not quite predictable, but I almost always communicate my opinions with group members. I make sure to give room for others and I am quite flexible. I dont believe that my thoughts and feelings should be private so I tell group members a lot about what I feel as I try to help them get along with each other.

These results indicate that I am more of a follower than a leader. I will be making efforts geared at changing this and turning myself into a leader. In order to improve on telling others what to do, I will try to read the group tasks on time to gain a better understanding before I meet group members. It is hard to improve flexibility but I intend to raise my threshold for getting angry whenever sudden changes are made. Lastly I intend to help with encouraging others more often. A more in-depth analysis will show that I use the democratic style more than any other.

Followership Questionnaire

From my scores I turn out to be an exemplary follower. My work does not help me fulfill some personal dream that I have or for that matter a societal role that is important to me. I often try to identify critical organizational activities and do them without being directed specifically by my boss or any leader in my organization. In view of this I often think of new ideas exercising my creativity for the benefit of the organization that I work for. Whenever tough problems come up, I tackle them head on with my best gist and hope for the best results which usually I achieve. Interestingly I sometimes play down certain ideas which I may not believe to be successful. It is important for anyone to be able to speak out before something fails rather than after it does so. I may show my strengths but I am not as easy to show weakness as this will lower my chances of ever getting promoted. I find it easier to follow what I am told than questioning each and every little thing that comes my way from the top. I have a fifty fifty stand on anything that requires me to come out and say an outright no especially when my personal preference is concerned. I also do not view my own standards as the best to be followed all the year round. I tend to play down on my views whenever they may result in conflicts with my leaders. This gives me a score of 34, on independent thinking.

My active engagement score I s almost the same as my score e in independent thinking. Beginning with my goals, there is some form of alignment with the organization, I am fairly committed to my organization aiming at giving my best performance at any time. My enthusiasm does not spread much, but I am an actively competent person. This can be seen clearly whenever I am given a new task as I record a series of successes on each.. I am also dependable with or without supervision which is a valuable quality where I work. Several times I have faced tasks that go beyond my job, but I set limits on how far I could go on them so that I am usually within my scope. I contribute highly to the group regardless of whether I am a leader or not. Id like to think of myself as selfless so I make sure to make my coworkers look good whether or not I do not get credit for whatever will result because I believe this works out for the greater good of the organization. As much as I want the organization to perform at its best I recognize the leaders needs, objectives, as well as constraints, and work hard towards helping meet them generally. Again I have low score on both independent thinking and active engagement, I should be a passive follower but I am not. Apparently my scores are a little higher on the scale. I believe being an exemplary follower is a good thing.


I thought that and oak stake was less important because I could not find any use for it. The group had a similar stand point. A map to the castle was essential as it would enable me to reach the castle in time before the opening of the coffin. I thought that humans would cooperate from the fear that would engulf them when they heard the story, but it turns out it was not. And the group rightly thought that humans would not cooperate. I thought that knowing when the sun would rise or fall was important as Dracula would be more active at night as all vampires. And the group had a similar objective. A gun would be essential as we would use it shoot Dracula into the heart, the 44 magnum revolver with shells would be sufficient. A branch of wild rose would be used to weaken him. I could not see how I would use the garlic, but a sharp axe would be necessary for opening the coffin and any other obstacles. I thought the tickets to Budapest were most important as there was no reaching Transylvania without flying there. I would put Dracula into the steel cage and finish him up. I did not think holy water was anything against him because its just water. The flash lights would be a valuable source of light at night, and the group strongly thought so. I would use the herbs to weaken him in case he tried to escape. I just did not think they were most important.

Take a plane to Budapest travel by car to the scene of opening. Open up the coffin and spray Dracula with the witchs mix up. And shoot at the heart.

The group had a goal of developing a good communication system and a way of channeling our decisions together. I emerged as a leader in many aspects where my views triumphed over other views. We practiced the democratic type of leadership where everyone brought to the table what they thought, and we all voted yes or no for whatever was brought. The idea that had the greatest number of yes, was pushed on as the collective idea of everyone. The main determinants on who was influential or not were the points they used to support their ideas. I think the democratic way of leadership was best as we consulted each other and brought forth what we thought though it took us more time to move from one aspect to the next. There were no conflicts at all as all was transparently discussed. It is not easy to participate and observe at the same time, but after all had passed I had time to reflect on what was happening and to conclude for each.

My own score was thirty five on destroying Dracula. The group scored thirty one. On the given scale this was a poor score. I must accept that the fictional story was hard to internalize.

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