Social Currency, Free Essay in Social Media Marketing

Published: 2022-05-05
Social Currency, Free Essay in Social Media Marketing
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Both of these companies are active users of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Looking at their Twitter accounts,

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IHOP has 127,000 tweets

Denny's has 14,400 tweets

However, a more in-depth look reveals an interesting trend where Denny's appears to be generating higher levels of interaction.

IHOP's tweets are retweeted 20-30 times on average with about 100 likes.

Denny's continually receives more than 500 retweets and about 3,00 likes on average.

IHOP's Instagram posts have 300-4000 likes.

Denny's Instagram posts generate over 15,000 likes on average.

Likes and retweets mean that customers are positively engaged and responding to the social media efforts being made (Jani-Shah).

Strategic Objective by Platform

These companies use social media to stay relevant and to advertise their offers.

IHOP has 316,000 followers on Twitter, 615,000 on Instagram, and over 3 million Facebook fans.

Denny's has 477,000 Twitter followers, 267,000 on Instagram, and over 1.5 million Facebook fans.


They both use it to stay relevant to the youth with the help of catchy tweets.

Denny's uses humor, irony, pop culture, and other 'cool' tweets to appeal to the youth with more success than IHOP.


Denny's primarily post humorous pictures and memes relating to pancakes and popular culture to appeal to millennials.

IHOP uses pictures and videos, but they also advertise their products.

Brand Engagement

Denny's engages the millennials with the use of wacky humor and following pop culture trends on Twitter.

IHOP engages customers and visitors via 1:1strategy where they tweet anyone who mentions the company (Richards).

IHOP's strategy is to be invited into the lives of followers and fans rather than attracting them like Denny's.

Both methods are useful, but humor is likely to increase the click rate since the catchy content is very crucial today.

Marketing Recommendations

Both Denny's and IHOP made tweets on April 10 and received 890 and 26 retweets respectively.

The companies do not often post on Instagram, but when they do, Denny's still receives more feedback regarding likes and comments.

Denny's should continue with its trajectory while IHOP could incorporate more humor to engage the customers effectively.

The winner is Denny's since it generates more levels of interaction with the customers that IHOP. The responses via likes and retweets show the message from the company is making an impact. Denny's 'zoom in, tweet of March 2017 was shared over 180,000 times which is an incredible figure that shows the reaching power of its social media platforms (Taylor). Dennys has been a consistent nominee for the Webby Awards in the Food, Drink and Social category which they won in 2017 ("Denny's Tumblr"). It is a brick and mortar business that is ranked with the best online enterprises.

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