Study Philosophy: Ethical Principles and Real-Life Applications - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-27
Study Philosophy: Ethical Principles and Real-Life Applications - Essay Sample
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The study of philosophy is truly enriching, highly gratifying, and excellent. One of the reasons I want to study philosophy is to have an understanding of ethical principles and their application in real-life situations. Philosophy modules addressing moral issues will give me detailed insights regarding how the world works and how it should work. Some renowned organizations, such as Enron, failed due to unethical business practices, including financial fraud and financial statements misreporting. I believe that some of these failures could have been avoided if there was a single leader in them who would have advocated for ethical business practices. As a result, I want to study philosophy to become a leader who will ensure that my organization adheres to an established code of business ethics in all its dealings. This way, I will steer my company into success and ensure that it thrives and become an excellent example of the importance of morality and ethics in the workplace.

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I also want to study philosophy because I enjoy it. Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the idea of reading about some great thinkers in history who coined theories that describe how we feel and behave today. People like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and Rene Descartes have always impressed me since I was young by how well they answered the fundamental and perhaps timeless questions of human. I believe that I possess similar thoughts, feelings, dreams, and objectives as those of these great thinkers, and a course in philosophy would help me understand their thinking and view of things. Seemingly, I would be the first person to try and understand how great thinkers thought by studying how they created their exceptional theories of life. Moreover, studying philosophy will present me with the chance to read a lot of great works by renowned philosophers and evaluate and criticize their arguments. Thus, I want to study philosophy and become a philosopher who would dive deep into all that is philosophical, solve puzzles, and produce works that people would want to read.

Another reason why I want to study philosophy is that the knowledge gained through the study of philosophy applies to a remarkably broad range of career options. Philosophy educators teach students how to write clearly, read closely, think critically, and spot undesirable reasoning. These skills are sought-after by employers because they play a significant role in solving critical organizational problems that hinder growth. Moreover, in a philosophy class, learners are taught how to evaluate arguments and express their findings cogently, which makes them crucial assets in numerous professions. Thus, I want to study philosophy to become an important asset in society and increase my employability in any field where I will earn a living.

What Influenced My Decision to Apply to This Program

My decision to apply to this program was influenced by the long list of renowned and dignified individuals who made significant contributions to society after studying philosophy. One of these individuals is the former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who, during his era, 22 million new jobs were created, and the nation had the lowest unemployment in 30 years. Moreover, Clinton raised education standards, started welfare programs, signed the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993, and deactivated many nuclear warheads from the former Soviet Union, among other key accomplishments. I believe that these achievements were achieved because Bill Clinton has studied philosophy, which increased his ability to solve problems, analyze concepts, definitions, and arguments, organize ideas and issues, and generate solutions that add value to people’s lives. Bill Clinton’s achievements motivated me to pursue a program in philosophy so that I can solve the problems of today’s world, such as lack of accountability in organizations and white-collar crimes.

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