Stress Management - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2024-01-11
Stress Management - Free Paper Sample
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Stress management is the application of techniques and methods used to reduce or solve specific stressors and minimize the harmful effects that they bring to human health. The process of stress management is encouraged by creating awareness in the community concerning stress self-assessment and reduction techniques. In normal daily activities, human beings are bound to encounter the various type of stress. Failure to manage this stress may lead to physical and mental disorders compromising one's health status. Therefore, knowledge and application of stress reduction and management strategies are very essential to ensure healthy and peaceful living.

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Key Factors

Various key factors determine the ways of handling stress. A person's knowledge, skills, attitude, culture, and environment affect stress. It is unrealistic for a person to become stress-free at all times thus our attitude is the major influencer on stress management ability, skills, and application. When a person has enough knowledge concerning stress, they usually know the approach to take which may either reduce or do away with the type of stress that they are undergoing. Culture and environment influence stress development because in some instances stress is not self-generated but comes from pressure and expectations from the society. It is important to incorporate all factors that may be essential in getting rid of and avoiding stress.

Stress relief strategies are simple activities and programs that can be applied to evade, manage, and properly deal with various types of stress encountered in our daily lives. These strategies may be physical or mental and their application varies according to people's preferences. Some of the activities applied to manage stress include; exercises, use of nutritional supplements, writing, reducing intake of caffeine, chewing gum, spending quality time with friends and families, and yoga. These techniques can be utilized both at the personal and community level.

Holmes Rahe Life Stress Inventory

My results from the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory depict that I am at a moderate to high risk of becoming sick soon due to poor management of stress. I, therefore, should apply various stress management and reduction techniques to avoid any arising sicknesses. These potential health-related risks involve depression, heart diseases, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, diabetes, and premature death. To avoid any kind of these risks, I have engaged in stress relief techniques which have proven to be effective. From my experience use of techniques and that one, likes are most effective in solving stress issues.

Some of the techniques that I applied to manage stress include taking nature walks, handing responsibilities at the appropriate time, and having enough sleep. I have found out that working hard and carrying out all activities at the appropriate time is very essential in avoiding any upcoming stress. When undergoing stress, one should engage in activities that keep the mind busy and distrusted to avoid thinking too much about the problems they are undergoing. These strategies proved to be productive and I plan to apply them in future stress management. However, I plan to try to incorporate new strategies of stress management to ensure a more rapid and successful method.


Development of a stress management plan should be done when dealing with and avoiding develop a good plan, one should first identify the type of stress that they are likely to face and the appropriate strategies for dealing with it. The aim of the stress management plan should be to tackle the problem without injuring human health either physically, emotionally, or mentally. Important details that I will include in my stress management plan include; identification and solving any arising problem, healthy feeding, having enough sleep, engaging in my hobbies frequently, and doing exercises. The major objective of this plan is to reduce stress and lessen the health risk which I believe I will achieve.

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