Strategic Alignment in Project Mgt: Ensuring Continuity - Paper Example

Published: 2023-11-22
Strategic Alignment in Project Mgt: Ensuring Continuity - Paper Example
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The alignment of strategy in project management helps to monitor activities' continuity through particular approaches to achieve organizational goals. Holistically, alignment strategy comprises four elements, namely; process, service, information, and technology. The occurrence of dissipation in either of the core elements of alignment compromises the organic development and uniform completion of the project (Aarseth et al., 2017). The course for strategic alignment in a project is to ensure that allocated resources are appropriately utilized. Failure to deploy alignment of strategy is a project that creates a window for dissipation making it less likely to undertake the project to achieve the long-term vision (Erceg, 2018). Wastage of resources and time is a disastrous occurrence as it could bring a prospective project to its deathbed. Organizations have the obligation to forge mitigation measures to avoid the predicament of dissipation to manage probable consequences.

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Getting back on track after dissipation is the sole priority to prompt the drive for positive results in the future. As part of the intervention strategy, setting up a systemic process for reevaluation and reviewing the progress achieved is a significant step. It will help clear off-ramps and overcome any prevailing inclination to facilitate project autopiloting.

Consulting the stakeholders and gaining perspectives on keeping checks and balances in strategy alignment is highly recommendable. Assessing project gains and value can facilitate the acceleration of long-term goals. Considering the voice of external and internal forces is vital. Sedmak (2018) supposes that through communication, integrating the project plan's flexibility and building an extensive decision-making framework to getting back on track to prompt completion of the project is achievable. All in all, it is vital to acknowledge change is inevitable, and if dealing with the dissipation of strategy of alignment proves challenging, killing projects is acceptable. Reinvesting on the project will lead to further wastage, especially with misalignment of the project implementation strategy will offer no value even after completion. For an organization to successfully align strategy with its projects, it is essential to acknowledge that killing projects no longer serve its priorities is acceptable.


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