Professional Journal Essay Sample

Published: 2018-08-10
Professional Journal Essay Sample
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Professional Development Journal

I. A description of the current project activities

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Recently, I have been graciously busy executing several tasks that are related with my professional. For instance, I have been searching substantial literature works on the issues related to the necessary patient’s education and the several risks that are associated with cardiovascular disease. These are the types of diseases that mainly affects heart or blood vessels, where the condition involves build-up of the fatty substances in the arteries. Thus, the main aim of the research was to identify several ways that should be adopted to reduce cardiovascular diseases. Also, an evaluation of the first populations that are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases has also been part of my work. Lastly, checking the various literature works of the different authors on each topic, that is the cause, effects and preventive measures was vital for this research. All this research work has taken a cool 30 hours.

II. Surprises and Frustrations

During the part of this research work, I was surprised to realize that there could be many discussion board post during the class periods. On the other hand, the bitter frustration that I can state that I have encountered is the challenge of preparing and subsequently producing a final copy of presentation involving patient education. In other words, I do not know how to go about this.

III. Professional development

Honestly, this research work is affecting my professional developing considering that I am working full time and then, going to school for a limited time and subsequently spending over 15 hours a week on the school assignment. Thus, all these activities are hindering my capability from processing and also retaining the primary information that is required for my learning.

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