Staff and Line Positions - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-20
Staff and Line Positions - Free Essay Example
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Healthcare organizational structure is dynamic, and its goals are achieved through the interaction of the management of employees. Different layers of staff and line positions characterize the activities within hospital organizations. A clear hospital structure is significant in making sure that the hospital staff performs their responsibilities with precision. The organizational structure of the hospital is composed of the board, executives, department administrators, patient care managers, and service providers. The board is tasked with high-level decision-making. The executives’ responsibilities are to deliver managerial duties through financial, business, and organizational decisions (Hearld, Alexander, Fraser & Jiang, 2008). The executive managers can take care of all practices taking place within the hospital. The department administrators’ responsibilities report to executive managers on daily operations taking place within various departments. An example of department administrators is the chief of surgery whose duty is to report on activities taking place within surgical units. The patient care managers are tasked with the management of staff responsible for taking care of patients directly. They make sure that hospital employees discharge their duties as per patients’ requirements. The service providers are all staff working within the hospital with whom, without them, the organization cannot successfully run. These individuals include doctors, laundry employees, nurses, and therapists. The service providers provide the basic requirements of a hospital.

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Financial Services

The functionality of the hospital is similar to any business, and its organizational structure depends on financial management to achieve their goals. The basic purpose of hospital financial services to take care of all money-related requirements. The financial services work with other departments in improve the operational services offered to customers. The operational stakeholders in hospitals rely on finance departments to provide evaluation and planning of all operations (Hou, 2019). Evaluation and planning ensure that the healthcare organization executives make decisions that put into consideration of the future state of hospitals. The financial services are responsible for all accounting within the hospital daily. The main objective of financial accounting is to oversee the functionality of service providers. The financial services ensure payments of salaries and invoices. The finance department also makes sure that the billing department accurately bills its customers, leaving out possible errors.

The hospital financial department is responsible for keeping up with ensuring all departments are reimbursed following available healthcare reimbursement models. Human resource departments rely on advice given by the financial department before deciding on employee reimbursement. There are challenging moments for the financial department, for instance, in the case of improperly filed claims. Financial departments must follow up with all stakeholders to ensure that such claims are justified and do not end up hurting the functions of hospitals.

How Finances Affect Healthcare Delivery

The finance department is responsible for long-term decisions that affect healthcare delivery. The financial services department is responsible for the analysis and implementation of all strategies outlined by the executives. The financial team ensures that the plans developed by the executive teams are in line with healthcare delivery. The decision given by the financial department should be within the hospital budget to avoid failed healthcare delivery. The finances practices include raising funds to be used in the effective running of healthcare departments. It is also the responsibility of the finance department to advise the managers on the costs and benefits of proposed investments. Healthcare delivery functions if investments made within the organizations do not overstretch the available budget for hospital departments.


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