Free Essay Example. Speech Styles and Identification

Published: 2023-01-15
Free Essay Example. Speech Styles and Identification
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Identification and styles of speech may refer to the systematic design of how a speaker wants to share their message to the audience in a manner that captures all his attitudes, interests, and values. Speech identification may have specific rhetorical structures that can be persuasive and influential with a view of changing the general thinking and perception of the audience. Leaders equally use various techniques and skills to create a strong message in their respective speeches through these identification styles.

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In both the addresses of Michael Moore and Mary Harris Mother Jone's, there is a significant universal essence of identification of fashion in the way they drive their messages home. Michael Moore uses a strong sense of narration and description of the situation of the American is economy to convince the common man on the disparities that the ruling class is using to oppress them economically. He stresses the fact that America is never broke, and that those who are in power are using the perception to disallow the ordinary people from accessing the wealth that is only circulating in the hands of a few people. The audience could identify his strong message of persuasion when he emphasized that "The nation of not broke, neither is Wisconsin id broke." His style employs a description of the status of the economy, and expository expressions of how wealth is in the hands of 400 Americans and the entire 150 million people are languishing in poverty. He persuasively portrays how there is a lot of money and wealth circulating in America, and only a few individuals are sitting on it. He emphasizes that those who are in power are only controlling the message expertly by owning most media to deny the people the truth they need to help America achieve their dream. There is a strong sense of identification of his message when he claims that the country is not broke, but only lacking the moral compass of the rulers.

The speech of Mary Harris Mother Jones equally portrays significant rhetoric identification of values and perceptions to the people. We realize that on her public meeting speech in West Virginia, 1912, she employs the use of a radical and working-class style of expressions to portray her message. She highlights various awareness points regarding the oppression of miners and to inspire them to stand up and fight for their rights. Taking a keen evaluation of Mary's speech, one identifies that she supports the old questions on the circumstances under which people can use confrontational violence to justify their grievances. There is a strong sense of perception that she builds around the oppression on the miners and how to stand up to defend the atrocities.

The role of the leaders' speeches in supporting the union's solidarity for action is to create and propagate the awareness of systematic rots and oppression. For example, Mary called upon the labor movement to stand up and address the issues that are affecting the working class regarding work-related prejudices. When she addressed the industrial workers as cowards and urged them to stand and fight back against the blood-sucking pirates who owned the mines, she wanted to motivate and inspire them that there is hope that can redeem their situation. The labor unions got a boost of inspiration and the support that they needed to reclaim their working conditions.

When attempting to identify with workers, one of the most significant ethical issues one needs to observe is how to make their working g conditions better. Mary was an advocate of the working class for a long time, and she found the difficulties that workers undergo in the hands of unscrupulous employers. She became a darling of the oppressed working groups, and they all gained trust in her. Therefore, it is highly ethical to address issues that undermine workers and motivate them towards achieving better working conditions.


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