Solving Contemporary Ethical Issue. Free Essay.

Published: 2019-05-16
Solving Contemporary Ethical Issue. Free Essay.
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Ethics simply means the study of right and wrong deeds. This makes the term ethical issue quite easier to comprehend. The term refers to a situation that requires a party or an individual involved to choose one of the alternatives that are right or wrong. Contemporary ethical issues should, therefore, require thoughtful planning for a particular problem to be correctly solved. Ethical issues are usually difficult to handle as they require very creative thinking and decisions that will not turn out to be a problem in future. They may require the decisions of several people in a party, then the decision are weighed very carefully and the one that appears to be the most suitable is put into action. The best solution has to be made and has to be a right solution. Take an example a particular experience in a health facility. A Patient named Magdalene Roberts experienced a heart complication. The only solution for this is by her undergoing a heart surgery. The doctors, however, cannot go ahead with the surgery without permission from Magdalene herself and her husband and one of her parents. They are required to sign some documents for the whole process to commence. That, however, is not the major problem. The doctors confirm that her heart surgery will be complicated and will put her in a critical condition. She is told that it is not a guarantee that she will live again. On the other hand, failure to undergo this surgery will worsen her condition and lead to failure of other fragile organs of her body like her lungs.

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This puts Magdalene and her family in a complicated situation. They are having a hard time making the right decision. This can, however, be solved by weighing the two options. First is to identify the problem. The problem, in this case, is that despite being able to go through the surgery, Magdalene there is a high chance of losing her life. This means that the surgery may be a total waste of time. The expensive bills may also go to waste. Second is to identify the facts. The first fact is that if Magdalene does not commence with the surgery, she will succumb to the heart disease. Failure to go through that surgery will lead to infection of other fragile organs such as the lungs that will worsen the condition and make the surgery more complicated to handle. The next factor to identify is if there might be any limitations involved such as enough funds. This, however, appears not to be a problem to Magdalene and her family since they are well off. They then try to figure out if there are any other options to make the situation easier to handle. The doctor says that Magdalene can use some drugs, but they will only be functional for a little while. However, they are told that prolonged use of the prescribed drug will lead to high blood pressure that will eventually cause a heart attack. The family then decides to way the two possible options that are whether to use the prescribed drugs or to commence with the heart surgery. They finally come to their best decision. The family tells the doctor to pull through with the surgery since the use of drugs will cause more complications and the heart surgery just had to be done.

This paper describes the way a certain family is involved in an ethical issue to save the life of their loved one. The steps that are taken to come up with the best solution are clearly discussed. In general, the essay is about the steps taken to solve an ethical issue.

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