Essay Sample for Students: Social Developmental Strategy

Published: 2022-03-01
Essay Sample for Students: Social Developmental Strategy
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I have learned several factors from the information resources on social development strategy. The most notable lesson pertains to the role of social development strategy in the betterment of the students' lives. The strategy which encompasses five stages-opportunities skills, recognition, bonding and clear standards for behavior- makes the students to develop a positive outlook in life through empowerment. Before watching the video, I was not aware of the significance of social development strategy in the life of the students. I have always thought that an individual's personality is impossible to change especially through education. The information resources have however proved my perceptions wrong. Apparently, the study has made me realize that taking students through the social development strategy impacts how they will interact with other people for the rest of their lives. In most cases, individuals who go through the exercise in their formative years' experience improved handling of life challenges. Further, they are likely to have healthy as compared to other individuals. In regards to its application in teaching, I can use the social development strategy to increase children's participation in class exercises. I can achieve this objective by imparting the children with skill and letting them own them. After teaching them the skills, I will endeavor to motivate the children by providing them with presents. The provision of gifts will

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The webinar on the teaching strategies has imparted me with knowledge on the best teaching approaches. Through the webinar, I have learned to acknowledge the various approaches which can improve the teaching experience. Some of the favorite strategies that I acquired from the lesson include active listening, redirection and showing while telling. I discovered that active listening is the best method of bonding with the children and making them aware that their feelings and concerns are being addressed. In other words, active listening makes the children feel appreciated and cared hence making the bolder and more confident. I could use active listening as means of getting in touch with my students. For instance, if I observed a child experiencing strong emotions I would lower myself to their level and based on my observations elaborate on what he or she is feeling. The ability to determine the child's feeling, for example, anger can make them more confident and able to open up. In regards to redirection, on the other hand, I have learned that children can be politely corrected with minimal likelihood of disobedience. In this case through redirection, I would politely correct a child if I found him or her in the wrong. For example if I find a child is staying alone in a classroom I would tell him or her that staying alone is not safe, instead, he or she should join other kids in the playground. In this way, I would have corrected the child in a way that is not likely to result in disobedience since it provides reasons why one option is better than the other. Finally, I have familiarized myself regarding the importance of "showing while telling strategy". Learning of the strategy has made me aware regarding the importance of practicals in teaching. In other words, hands-on experience is better than using other methods of teaching. I would employ this method in improving the learning of my students. For instance, when it comes to sciences like mathematics I would insist on students counting using objects rather than just concentrating on writing.

The common challenging behaviors which entail fighting and bullying have become rampant in the contemporary society. The prevalence of the above-highlighted factors can be attributed to the lack of morals in our current society. In other words, children in our society are not brought up with the strict observation of morals such as the respect of authority. Consequently, children are more likely to engage in challenging behavior since no one can admonish or correct them.

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