Silent Treatment. Paper Example

Published: 2023-02-15
Silent Treatment. Paper Example
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The silent treatment is the situation when someone in a conversation ignores the other partner by failing to acknowledge them through any other method or verbally. These mostly happens after people have been engaged in an argument, it can also occur when the person who has decided to be silent is angry, and the other individual fails to understand the reason why. The person who is being treated with this kind of treatment feels being frustrated and painful. It is a kind of ostracism, and it can make one feel as if he is being punished and a way of getting a response to criticism as a form of pressure. It can also be used to get a submission to a request, just like in the case of Kingston and her mother, where her mother was suppressing him and prevented from talking loud enough.

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Currently, silent treatment is a common issue between conflicting partners in relationships. And it can lead to severe problems if it is not addressed in the proper manner and the appropriate time. For instance, Kingston suffers from stigmatization. It is essential to break this type of conversation for proper understanding between different people. The treatment makes one feel inferior in a conversation. For instance, one may feel as if he or she is making pointless points in a conversation, just like Kingston, where he felt as if the cab driver was ignoring him. However, the driver failed to catch up with whatever he was saying and assumed he had said nothing at all. Kingston felt inferior but had to do with the situation since his mother had already exposed him to a case of suffering from silent treatment.

One may fail to realize that silent treatment is emotional abuse; however, it is. The emotions of the person receiving the treatment are deteriorated due to the treatment. Hence the name emotional withholding, the other name of "silent treatment," it is a way of passive-aggressive abuse. The persons receiving the treatment becomes emotionally detached from conversation due to suffering from the distance in a conversation and the ignorance of his or her existence I a conversation. On feels like an outsider in a conversation. This kind of treatment is also known as 'stonewalling.'

The silent treatment can be used as a weapon ion attaining the control of another person moves. It helps an individual to be in control of their conversation. It can also be used as a weapon in the avoidance of a person's responsibility due to his activities or to suppress the attempts of his or her partner at asserting self-worth. Additionally, one can employ the treatment due to lack of proper communication skills and the ability to communicate appropriately.

Exposing a person like Kingston to such treatment is likely to depress him because he may not necessarily know the reason of his tongue being cut. Her mother explained that she cut to ensure that her son was able to communicate in any language; however, this turns to be another case where Kingston suffers from silent treatment indirectly. He is often being told to speak out since his sound is not loud enough for people who he engages in a conversation to hear him. These depress' him a lot.

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