Sheehy Scholarship Award - Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-28
Sheehy Scholarship Award - Essay Example
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The necessity for many university and college students is financial assistance, especially to those students planning to achieve career goals that need many years of education. Scholarships have been known to relay unique benefits in the form of financial aid that is most desirable. Scholarships are usually awarded as a recognition for certain achievements, and in most cases, scholarships that are awarded do not have to be repaid. Thus, scholarships are very prestigious and can enable an individual to pay for education.

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To begin with, the Sheehy scholarship award will enable me to boost my financial needs. I graduated from college with a huge student loan debt, and that made me limit my education in an attempt to control costs. Because Sheehy Scholarship is free money, I will, therefore, focus on my career rather than thinking about how I will repay the loans. By eliminating the barriers of finances, the Sheehy scholarship award will make my career and education goals easier to achieve. My financial needs as well will be solved by the scholarship, and I will be able to focus more on academics rather than looking for a part-time job to help me get finances for my survival.

The scholarship will pay for my living expenses and education, reducing the risk of me dropping out and failing to get the degree that I want. Sheehy scholarship will enable me to achieve my education goals by lowering the financial concerns. It will give me enough time for learning and studying, which in turn results in good grades and knowledge retention increasing my chances of proceeding to graduate school. It is a clear indication that my education goals will come to pass, provided that I will become more committed to spending money from the scholarship effectively. The major setback towards my doubt in achieving education goals has been as a result of the financial issues, but now the problem will be solved through the Sheehy scholarship award.

Sheehy scholarship award being merit-based and prestigious actually will make me a more attractive job candidate because most employers who have enough understanding of the competitive nature of the scholarship will definitely recognize my scholarship and accomplishment. Basically, a prestigious scholarship like Sheehy's will demonstrate to my future employers that I possess an exceptional capability in different realms like academics. Therefore, the Sheeny scholarship will enable me to achieve the career goal that I want.

In a nutshell, Sheehy scholarship will make a huge difference in my educational endeavors. The money I will get from the scholarship will enable me to be more selective on the way I will spend my free time as well. I am sure that the Sheehy scholarship will enable me to maximize the experience of college through internships, volunteer opportunities, and service-learning. I will use my scholarship award wisely by becoming very time conscious. The scholarship will enable me to be free from paying the full cost of academic expenses despite the high cost of college fees in today's society.

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