SDLC Methodologies Essay Sample

Published: 2022-09-29
SDLC Methodologies Essay Sample
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With the current technological development, the world has evolved and even changed into a computer-generated globe hence making it become a global village. Technically, what has transpired is that every significant or little thing in the current era is now done by instructions, click of a button, commands and orders are offered so as to complete the task at hand. Therefore, the computer generation is considered to be having two categories that require working together in facilitating the best results expected to enhance quality and of the great notions of the software construction is identified as the software Development Life Cycle model, it's one of the continuous process that starts from the decision making point to the time when the project is being launched and it ends up at the time when it is fully removed from exploitation(Leau,Loo,Tham, & Tan,2012). Technically, there exists no one single SDLC model, however, the SDLC model divided into main groups, each with its weakness and features.

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Waterfall SDLC model as one of SDLC model is recognized as one of the development processes that resemble the flow, moving from one step to the other using the phases of anlaysis, realizing, implementation, support, and testing in general.

As compared to other models, waterfall SDLC model is one of the perfect models for the mid-size and small projects where requirement are not equivocal and clear at the same time. This makes it inappropriate for long-term projects.

Iterative SDLC model

Iterative SDLC model, on the other hand, doesn't need the complete list of requirements before the project start. In handling the model, the development process may begin with the need to the functional section which can go through expansion later. It is important to note that for the project to work effectively, it is supposed to be repetitive in nature so as to allow in making a new version of the product(Lewis, 2008).

one greater advantage is that some functions can be quickly developed at every start of the development lifecycle; this makes the progress to be more measurable as compared to other models.

Spiral SDLC Model

One of the complicated SDLC models is the spiral model which is identified to be combining the prototyping and the architecture by stage(Kushal, Nanda & Jayanthi,2018). It involves a fair combination of waterfall and the Iterative SDLC models with the greater accent that focuses on the analysis of risk.

One of the unique features of the model is that the general lifecycle is divided into small sections and in case the risk concentration is greater, the phase can be completed earlier so as to solve the treats, however, the whole process can be very expensive.


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