Scholarship Needed: Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Excellence in Education - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-15
Scholarship Needed: Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Excellence in Education - Essay Sample
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I need this scholarship to access quality education offered by the University of Alberta. Career establishment and growth majorly depend on educational background. Financial instability in my family is posing a threat to my education sustainment, which does not promise me a bright future. Over the years, I have faced varied challenges, lack of tuition fees inclusive. Despite my absenteeism from school, I still managed to attain exemplary grades. I deserve this scholarship because I am determined to achieve my long-term goals. Giving me the scholarship, you will be investing in my future.

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I was not born gifted, and my hard work influences my previous high school good grades. I am a determined student, and my obstacles do not define my failure. In the past years, in collaboration with the community, I have established a tree-planting program. That has led to environmental conservation and beautification. I have still established campaigns towards supporting the needy by providing necessities such as food and clothing. Advanced education will help me broaden my mind towards the establishment of community development-based initiatives. This scholarship will help me acquire quality and necessary education towards that.

I believe I deserve this scholarship because I possess problem-solving skills. As the student committee president in my high school, I helped structure a better school library organization. With the library staff's help, I developed a system that smoothed the book issuing and categorically book arrangement to address the student's needs better. I am passionate about working with different departments and establishing measures addressing current problems. I will put the same leadership mindset in force to attain my degree, focusing on project management. In turn, my problem-solving skills strengthened by my degree will be a vital tool in community development.


My parents are unable to provide for all our needs; that is why I deserve this scholarship. That will help to ease my burdened parents and channel the available resources to other needs. The development of psychological disorders influenced by social pressure will not be evident too. That will influence their better performance at work. I will also not have to work, enabling me to have a conducive environment and concentrate on my education. That will influence the achievement of better grades contributing to a more substantial degree.

Granting me this scholarship is an added advantage to the larger DHL fraternity. My degree will be due to your help, and I will always owe that to you. I will be available to render my professional skills to you whenever required. I am a problem solver, which will help manage emerging loopholes in your organization influencing successful operations. My involvement with your institution will boost your earnings too. I will use my expertise to identify potential ventures for the DHL organization hence broadening its network. I will help develop reliable advertising features to boost the operations of the organization. With your personnel's help, I will influence an advanced filling system and establish measures towards cutting unnecessary maintenance and operational costs.

My community faces medical access challenges. Institutions are far, and we have to incur high costs to get medical care. Health care is a necessity that every person should have access to quickly and at no exploitative costs. I will use my education influence to reach the relevant authorities towards establishing a health facility in my community. That will boost my community's health condition because we will not witness Unnecessary impacts such as death due to lack of facilities. The institution will lead to Job creation due to the need for the workforce.

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