Free Essay. Sales and Purchasing Management

Published: 2023-04-11
Free Essay. Sales and Purchasing Management
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In the interest, of TriCo's industry's prosperity, the foul mouthing by the ex sales representative is in bad taste. An enterprise, especially one whose prospect is to succeed in a stiffly competitive market, customers and ex-employees is deemed to be the brand ambassadors carrying the banner within and without. So for the case, there are chances that TriCo loses a market base for its products. The information leaked by the ex sales employee could be correct that TriCo's products quality has remained compromised for a while.

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Despite the diminishing quality of the TriCo's products, prospect customers may not be in the know, as such; the loyal customers without information regarding the quality of the product may continue to purchase the products. Even in light of the product quality alleged to have diminished, most o the loyal customers may continue to buy them unless they confirm the allegations at true. The argument, in this case, is that the information can be termed as malice to derail the success and prosperity of TriCo industry (Gordon, 2013). Looking at the data from neutral ground, the ex sales employee, having underperformed in duties delegated to her, resulting into her dismissal, may have harboured resentment and decided to 'kill' the reputation of the industry.

Ideally, when an employee underperforms below the expected standards, the management is obliged to relieve him or her of her duties. This is indeed the reason why ex sales representative was dismissed from TriCo industry. However, the dismissal seems to have gone sour with him prompting him to retaliate by spreading 'false' information about the industry as a means of 'paying back'.

On the other hand, it could be true that the industry's products have diminished in value. For this case, it would sound well-intentioned information to caution prospective customers to look elsewhere apart from TriCos's products. As ex sales employee, one may be privy to classified information of the company regarding the standard of its goods. The ex-sales employee could have had such critical information and intended to help people to avoid TriCo's products genuinely (Gordon, 2013). As far as this is concerned, the ex-employee was justified to disseminate such data to the public although it could be disastrous the industry.

# a

Fake news and misinformation are some of the drawbacks that halt success in a company. Sometimes, they have fabricated disinformation that may derail operations completely. Therefore managers should be informed and take actions to diffuse such information as soon as it is detected. In the case of Terry McCabe, the sales manager at Trico industry, steps in managing a crisis would be at hand. These steps include:

Having a plan-this includes clear objectives of what to be achieved within a time frame. Set goals, will that critical audiences are kept informed appropriately through print media and adverts.

Having a piece of spokesperson-when information is left to spread, it attracts the attention of media and unauthorized persons. The company should ensure it speaks with one voice while delivering precise and consistent messages to the mass.

Keeping employees informed- this is the act of making and maintaining an informed workforce. When employees have clear information, it minimizes internal rumor mills which lead to the dissemination of false information about the company.

Finally, the manager should not ignore the power of social media. Even in situations of rumors and distorted information, media message and information should be clear because it reaches mass effectively.

#b Informing the Current Client Base

One strategy to demystify false information is to stay faithful, terry McCabe as a manager with distorted information trending about her company should counteract with clear and precise information quashing misinformation at hand. It is advisable to work for hands-on by electronic media to streamline and determine which information gets to the people.

#c Developing a Strategy For New Clients

Client management strategies become one of the most successful t ways ever used. This includes prioritizing firstly, and respecting the client's time of delivery. To build a healthier relationship, terry has to respect time. For instance, it is improper to tell a customer to drop by when the client needs to meet the management. The management can make end-end means and channels to meet the customers conveniently to create trust with them.

Secondly, the management needs to set mutual goals. Sometimes, the management can feel the disparity that occurs. The client and the company goals, in this case, are completely on different pages. It is essential to set goals that make the customer own the products owned by the company. When mutual goals are set, falsified information like the case of the ex-employee may fail to cause harm to the company because the clients are reading from the same page as the company's management.

Thirdly, the management needs to get face-to-face interaction with the clients. Before things get out of hand, a good manager needs to know how to involve his clients in trusting its products. Face to face interaction may demand that the management call, email travel to meet the clients being hands-on with them concerning the products.

Finally, it is essential to accept that mistakes must happen in such a company. This calls for being transparent and human (Shapiro, 2016). When such misunderstandings occur, the management should be clear and open about them to save the image of the company.

Are There Any Ethical Issues Involved?

There are several ethical problems involved in the case of TriCos Company. Firstly, employers have a legal obligation in providing all employees with written procedures which are followed before they are dismissed in case of a struggle. In the case of ex sales employee, no procedures were followed, and this leads to the spreading of falsified information about the company's product and image. Secondly, employers are deemed able to raise and deal with negative issues within the company promptly. However, this is not the case in TriCos, and everything goes out of hand, leading to the dismissal of the employee without carrying necessary investigations to ascertain facts. Finally, employers are supposed to inform their employees about the problem while offering a leaf for improvement before making decisions such as dismissing underperforming employees (Shapiro, 2016). Employees at TriCos are rejected in case they underperform below the company's expectation.

Measures could be taken by TriCo, other than appealing to their sales force and customer base

From a managerial point of view, customers are not served by the company's salespersons but also by marketing strategies as well as product policy.

Apart from appealing to the customer base, the company should streamline its pricing decisions, communication methods and product distribution channels. However, managing a company account becomes one of the measures necessary for business selling. Ideally, the astute manager not only focuses on junk sales but would also consider building account relationships (Shapiro, 2016). In the process of selling, customers are in a better position to purchase products repeatedly. As such, there is a need to analyze and manage account carefully.


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Shapiro, B. P. (2016). Manage the customer, not just the sales force. Harvard Business Review, 52(5), 12

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